No Legendary For Months: Seasonal Reward Is A Blessing| Splinterlands A Good Investment Means

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Another season came to an end today and I was in the gold league after a long while just to feel how the competition always feel like, have always been in the sliver league for 2 - 3 consecutive seasons and it was really fun and annoying too especially when lower rank player defeat me and i had to lose 30+ rating while gaining back 3+ rating if i win a battle.

Moving to Gold league was really looking promising especially the dec rewarding part when ever you win a battle, it was really ok and wining some few battles can give you close to a dollar in a couple of hours as long as you still have some capture rate but one thing about Gold league is that you need to be strategic and have a good strong card to win, i really tried this season and ended in 73rd position but the seasonal reward was dope.

Been a while I actually receive a legendary card as reward and I got one today (Ancient Lich) but would have been more happy if it was a gold legendary one, I would have been jumping up and down the whole house. Among the reward, i saw an untamed booster pack, and I was thinking if I should just sell it on hive engine because all the one I had was full of shitty cards after opening them but something told me to open it since it is just a pack and there is no harm in opening it, if it contain shitty cards as usually, I will just merge them. I opened the untamed pack and guess what I saw

booster reward.jpg

A legendary summoner (Scarred Llama Mage), I still remembered I missed out when this particular cards was giving to some splinterland members who were lucky enough. it currently worth 19.9$ which is really a great deal here in my country. one reason why splinterlands will always serve as a good investment, you will surely be receiving some rewards on a long run. have you join splinterland or you are still waiting for a miracle to happen.

Join us on splinterland, it is not too late


Nice dude those are some awesome rewards! Glad someone got something good, pretty crappy for me lol. Great new summoner you got there!

you will get the lucky one day too, it was a shocking moment after see the legendary cards lolz, after waiting for months to receive a good card

Same here....No legendaries for months now.

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it will be well, the game have lot of rewarding means for us users, and it is really interesting earning those dec while having fun wining battles

Holy smokes what a great end of season rewards considering you unpacked a llama! Congrats for another profitable season.

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To be honest the new reward system does not support the little guy read this post I wrote and I think you will clearly understand that we need change AGAIN. . .

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Wow... fantastic.
Congrats on getting a Scarred Llama Mage.
I've opened five packs yesterday and I was looking for something like that but not everyone is that lucky, it seems.