Splinterlands Battle Challenge Using Molten Ogre

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It is time to take part in another Splinterland battle challenge for the week and this time we are making use of the Molten Ogre from the fire kingdom which is a strong monster card both in health, speed and melee when upgraded. Below are the features of Molten Ogre

Edition: PROMO (ORB)
Rarity: COMMON
Element: FIRE
ABILITIES: Demoralize at level 1; Trample at level 6

The battle was between me and @zhivchak006 with a 42 mana cap match using the equal opportunity rules which give all monster cards the opportunity ability. we are to make use of any summoners except the death summoner. I choose fire lord zaku because the mana cap is enough and i didnt want to miss out, my opponent choose the dragon summoner.


my formation started with Molten Ogre in frontline because it is a strong cards and also have extra abilities which incluse the blast and opportunity ability, while it possess the demoralize ability which reduce all enemey melee by 1

Kobold Miner followed because of the sneak ability so as to attack while still in that position and with the extra blast ability, it will surely make more damages.

Prismatic Energy followed, with the magic reflect ability so as to return any magic attack and also cause extra damages with the blast ability

Ettin Spearman is one of my favorite ranger anytime I make use of Zaku because of the extra ranges which make it moer stronger and also the extra blast which cause deep damages to opponent cards. and it really work out

Mantoid with the snipe ability, usually my gold card and a strong one, and I added the Imp Bowman as a support so as to covered up for mantoid.

the battle was really a win win for me and i was able to beat my opponent because all his cards are level one which give me more advantage, and with the blast ability from zaku, it will be very hard to be defeated. check out the video below to see how the battle went.

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