End of Splinterlands' season: Champion III + Summoner Giveaway + Packs Opening !

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Hello dear Steemians and Summoners,

This season I made it to Champion III and I am quite happy about it as I still only have 2 playable decks (Death and Fire).

I very much enjoy Splinterlands a.k.a Steemmonsters but did not have great loots this time, so I won't be wasting your time showing them to you :).

20200316  Season.JPG

Last Season, I said I would give away a water summoner.


The winner of last season Summoner Giveaway is...


I guess it was kind of easy as he was the only one playing that one 🤣


As usual will randomly select someone in the comments that has upvoted this post and give her/him this Bortus Summoner !

Packs Opening

I would like to apologize for the phone screenshots, I was on the go and too excited to wait !!!

And you? What rank did you reach this season?

I am eager to read your comments and expectations for next season !


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Very nice goal you reached this season! Champion 3 is very high, and you pulled an orb too! I wasn't that lucky; only pulled a normal foiled kraken. Finished lower than I'd like, at Diamond 3. Upvoted!

Thank you mate ! The orb was nice but I got nothing in the following pack 😂😂😂

Wow Orb.... nice pull I can see some good cards also..

Yes but nothing in that pack unfortunately :(

Champion III is a great goal! Congratulation

Thanks 🙏 mate !

d3...first time lol

Good job 👏

I popped 2 legendaries, got lucky this time around!

Wow 🤩! I can’t remember last time I dropped a legendary one !

Right? I went 3 seasons without seeing one and BAM!


I made it to Diamond III last season! Will target for diamond I this time 😁

Are you reaching it !? Gogogo ! 🙏

Thanks 😁

At gold II now. Still a long time for the season to end so there's still plenty time I hope!

cool cards! i finished the last season at diamond3 :(

Still good ! Next season you will be D2 maybe ?

I really want, but not sure. Getting to D3 was kinda tough :)

Congrats man! 🔝🔝
I reached D2 and I want to reach D1 in this season! 😁😁

You can DO IT ! 😜

Congrats on reaching champion! 💚

Thank you !