So does this make me a "big deal"??

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Without even noticing, i passed a milestone i never thought I'd reach with my little #splinterlands account....

So there i was minding my own business, getting my final "daily quest" of the season done, when that beautiful sign (above) popped up!


From someone that wasnt really bothered about a little game called #steemmonsters, and having to be almost forced to play by the friendly pressure from @mattclarke, to now never going a day without playing!! Ohh how things have changed...

Just a few seasons ago, i was content reaching GOLD league ONE, then got overly excited on reaching the DIAMOND leagues. It took a few more seasons to climb my way to constantly reaching DIAMOND TWO, before finally reaching DIAMOND ONE last season. Now with just over 8 hours remaining, ive battle and bludgeoned my way all the way to CHAMPIONS THREE, and im incredibly chuffed with that.


Not only did i manage to make the champions league, but i managed to remain in the league to complete my DQ. This meant some extra reward cards:


Time to see if my luck was in...


Unfortunately, this time no gold foil cards or legendary cards to report, but this just makes me believe ill be rewarded even better eith my end of season rewards.


After revealing my DQ rewards, i noticed that i had built up enough DEC to be able to afford to purchase an extra #untamed booster pack. So thats exactly what i did. The legendary and gold foil potions from my DQ would help with the opening of thos booster pack, and it didnt disappoint:


2 X rare and everyone's favourite "underwater unicorn" the impressive gold foil NARWHAL....

So just to get your day off to a good start, the best NARWHAL song on the internet:


Way to go @welshstacker, It sure does up the rewards!


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Wow,, That was very great!! Congrats!

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This post has received a 24.4 % upvote from @boomerang.


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There you go my friend! Highest I've reached is Champion 2 last season

Atta boy @welshstacker,

I like how you wrote about how you had to be convinced to play this game, and now here you are loving and playing it everyday. I try to tell my close friends about it all the time, but they are all the same, "blockchain = gimmick."

Do you ever rent cards to amp up your power? Ive found one card here or there can really complete my squad, so probably yours too. SM is like Baseball, the pitcher (one team) throws a certain pitch, his best pitch, but also the best pitch for this specific opponent, and the batter uses all his skills (and knowledge of the pitcher) to hit the coming ball.

If we have one more ace up our sleeves we can win a lot more games.

One of the things I did a couple seasons ago to reach my best ranks ever this season was to sell my old Beta Summoners. They are worth a lot per unit, and they are not necessarily even all that much better than the much cheaper Untamed Summoners.

With that extra money I then amped up my deck in other ways.

Gelatinous Cube level 10 is one such way. I like him more than Lord Arianthus level 3, which I used to have, and the $27 USD I got for Lord Arianthus level 3, more than paid for my Cube upgrade.

The cube cost about $10 USD, so I had $17 left over to buy other needed cards.

Good luck next season and Im looking forward to our next battle.