It's The Small Things....

in Splinterlands8 months ago

Sorry I haven't been posting so much recently, life is still kind of hectic and trying to get flights home sorted during a pandemic has been very stressful. However, it has given me time to learn and play some more #Splinterlands. I had been wanting to play this more, especially after my latest pack opening video {} but with that being said, I finally made it into the SILVER League!

I don't have enough power to unlock Sliver II yet but I'm sure that will come with time.

Also, shoutout to anybody to leased me some cards, they have been helping a lot so thank you <3


{P.S If you @splinterlands folks see this and would be interested in adding $ZNZ, feel free to hit me up. I know myself and a good amount of folks would love to see @zenzo and #Splinterlands/ #Hive working more closely together. <3 }