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Hello card players today I would like to introduce you my card desk but this time I want to share the powerful legendary cards that I own.

This is a treasure card, I have it for a while ago and for me it is so cool on the battlefield because it's unique by just standing there.

The water lethal card that is able to bring a lot of power to the team, I have a lot of fun of with this card and I remember in early days when it was able to be to reveal the first time I got it I was jumping a lot because it is a nice card able to destroy and protect water element.

Oh, a beautiful life leech card but also capable to fly because it's a dragon of course, I have two of these cards, but I only have it at level one because I think this is a great card at that level, I use it a lot when equalizer rule is on the battle.

One of my favorite death cards before untamed series were released for me this is a tremendous card because its ability has two powerful debuff to range and male attack monsters, but that is not all it's also able to be used at low mana battles and Little league rule while it is flying.

A better fast card that I really have to use it when close range rule is on it is also the fastest card because it is so fast and can fly, so for me this is a nice point I wish to level up soon.

This card has two things interesting magic and is a natural card, at that level three for me is the best way to use it because it is necessary when you need a fast partner on the battle.

Fire has its magicians and this one is a powerful one, I appreciate the way that this card were created because it's defuff against range attack monsters but also able to bring cleanse to the team while it is getting a little health when he's attacking.

Release the Kraken that's everything that I want to say, I have no words with his card because the power of water element on this card is insane.


Because a meme I recently won this card I have it a level 1, but now I decide to use it a little because some people really know how to use it I really like that last stand ability addition on that plus 2 health that can be used even when there are no rules on the battle.

My favorite little death cat, I have a tremendous level 4 cat with 5 abilities that even I need summoners to support this card because mine is level 5, so My cat is no happy when can't reveal its power on the battlefield.


This is my collection of legendary cards I used to have a little more, but I saw some of them but right now I really wanted to have some amazing dice legendary cards.

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Great article, thanks for sharing!
I am still looking forward to get my first legendary in game but these look super cool and strong!

Ohhhh, those cards are really strong on the battlefield.

@tipu curate

queee prestame ese gato estas desperdiciando el poderrrr jajaja solo tengo lvl 1

Deja a mi gato quieto, solo invoco a mimosa y listo es mega poderoso.