My Today Splinterlands Quest Reward with the Fire Splinter

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Hello Friends!

Hey dear friends, it is my post about my today quest reward ,so i played total Battles to win my Quest with the fire Splinter , i won 5 battles out of 8 battles. so here below i also uploaded my game details screenshot that in how many mints i completed my today Quest reward. so really these days are very much pacnic days , i am not happy but thank you splinterlands for providing us opportunity to enjoy and earn reward from this games,.

below is screenshot of my last battles that i won so i also gave the direct link of this last battles.

hope you will enjoy my Youttube video of quest reward.

4/3/2020, 10:03:24 PM
BATTLE ID: 853dd07c03cdabb4f0b0312e3be3781b15cd79d7




Feeling After unlocking cards

really i am not happy but it is luck, i did not get good reward after unlocking my quest but i have great hope, next time it will be wonderful, but really it is very much pleasure moment in every splinterlands players when he/she completed quest and unlock the reward, so that is luck, some time we get good reward, and some not good, so it is part of game, so i love splinterlands very much these days my city is lockdown, i could not go out, and really it is very best opportunity we can play and win more reward, we can get more dec, but last fews day here my internet is not working good, so i am feeling very difficulty.

ok thank you very much for reading my post dear all friends.
my pray you all live happy ,safe and successful . Ameen



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