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RE: Join the free SPinvest daily Lotto - 500 STEEM JACKTOP!! - Day 1

in SPinvest11 months ago

My numbers are 9 4 1 6 3


Welcome to the SPinvest lotto. Your numbers have been added to the spreadsheet.

Did you slap the RESTEEM button?

I did resteem and added you to my auto vote! Great lotto!

Great stuff, i cant wait to see how this develops :)

Thanks for your support

The odds of winning are pretty huge! I hope you can make adjustments to that. It will be really exciting to have a winner, and great advertising!

True , its like 10% chance per number so to get exactly 5 numbers in same order it is 10% * 10% * 10% * 10% * 10% which amounts to 0.001% . I think 4 numbers would do justice and 500 Steem is pretty good amount :)

The odds of winning are 100k to 1.

4 numbers would be 10k to 1. If we end up with say 500 players by year-end, that would be a winner every 20 days and SPinvest could not afford tp pay put 500 STEEM every 3 weeks.

Big odds= Big prize :)