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RE: Join the free SPinvest daily Lotto - 500 STEEM JACKTOP!! - Day 1

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That's a whole lot of participation! I am set to autovote at 100%. It is more than the requirement, but as a member and holder I think its in my best interest to help us "get rich slowly" that way.


The idea is for people to set up auto voters so that it's no participation :)

Welcome to the SPinvest lotto. Your numbers have been added to the spreadsheet.

Did you slap the RESTEEM button?

lol. I was impressed by how many people commented.

Put the words "FREE" and "500STEEM" in your title and you'll get alot of comments :) :) :)

But seriously, this is a brand new account and over 30 comments, im impressed myself, lmao