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RE: Spot Deals on Silver!!! 28 FEB 2020

With the Spot price plunge I am tempted to dip into my emergency reserve cash. I think we've been spoiled the last two years with the spot price bottoming out at $14-$16 / oz. I've since used up my silvergoldbull deal back when it was $14/oz.

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I absolutely agree with us being spoiled. When silver was in the low $14 range I splurged and bought my first Monter Box of ASEs 🦅
While most of those spot deas are generic silver, silver is just silver when it's all metaled down. We do pay premiums for things like ASEs or Libertads but it's all just silver.
I used to get into the weeds on how much over spot I was paying for things but now I just buy a little bit of everything. Most of it I sell on Instagram and I buy stuff like ASEs, AGEs, Gold Buffalos, and Pre-33 gold for myself.

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