Splinterlands: Cruising Into Champion 3

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This season will likely end with me being in my highest position in the global league in a long time. Why?


I don't have the answer as to why I can win most of the Diamond league games at present,


2 defeats in 19 games, at the level where I used to struggle to win 5 for the daily quest, what's changed?

It's not like I've been buying many cards of late and so my deck hasn't got stronger.

What I have seen in the Gold league is that most of the teams I play match up with level 1 cards - things improve slightly at Diamond league but it does seem much easier to progress of late.

I assume the top 100 or so are pretty maxed, but has the mid-level player disappeared?

Any clues?




I'm at silver 1 and regularly get opponents with level 5 cards wiping me out. I'm pretty new to the game, so I can't even play past level 1 because my summoners are all level one. How on earth are they in such a low level, yet you're getting level one card players in gold?

Actually, I've just had a theory. The game's been glitching out when selecting the team and for me it automatically goes to a win, but for others it goes to a loss. Maybe the low level card players are up that high due to the glitch making them win whenever it glitches out and the higher level card players are so low because they're glitching out with loses. 🤔

Hey, thanks for the message.

I would really recommend bumping a couple of summoners up a level or two, it will help I'm sure.

It's possible, but I suspect the game has just been flooded by bots who are playing each other much of the time. I guess you could code to let your best bot win when matched against another bots. There used to be many more human looking teams, sigh.

I'm working on getting them up a level or two. I do have a level three dragon summoner that Matt Clarke delegated to me, but even then I don't have many upgraded cards to get far. That's okay, though, I'm still learning so I'm probably better off staying in the lower levels for the moment anyway.

Let's see

I see

There are fewer people playing, I rarely play anymore. This is not going to be a popular opinion.. but, it's boring.. and needs a breath of fresh air.

I assume there are plans to change things up but developing and growing a product when your income is crypto sounds pretty scary.

Still holding your cards?

that is so awesome thank for the great post!

Yes, Difficulty of game is reduced. Luckily I also hit champ 3 today. I have only level 5 summoners.But in this journey, I have defeated some level 7 and level 8 summoners too.

I think, too many cards and options, confusing the players and they are putting sub optimal team .
Otherwise, I think it is almost impossible to beat level 8 summoner using level 5 summoner.