Armosmith can be the small margin that makes a big difference

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Life Splinter is one end of the ass-kicking spectrum that I hardly use. Part of my problem is that the monsters in that end don't look menacing enough, and then when you consider people like "warrior of peace" exist, I sort of get pissed off at the arrogance of their niceness. However, my feeling about them takes nothing away from the fact that the monsters at this end are more subtle, are pro-life and generally just require more finesse.

Ass kicking is an art and sometimes, you don't need to attack to do damage. You just have to let them come to you and that's exactly how monsters in the Life splinter end like to do it. Armorsmith is one of those Life dudes I was talking about and depending on the battle, it is wise to have this dude on your team.

Edition: ORB - PROMO
Rarity: COMMON
Element: LIFE
Current Trade Value: $0.035

In keeping with the theme of Life Splinters, this monsters doesn't offer much in attack but when it comes to defending/protecting teammates at the forefront of the battle, it is a must-have.

The Battle

Battles on Splinterland are determined by a host of factors that may or may not depend on the qualities of the cards in battle. In some cases, you win as a result of the type of monster(melee, ranged or magic), while in other cases, it can be because you took advantage of the rules of engagement for that match.

In this particular battle above, I took advantage of both the rules and the ability of my armorsmith to squeeze out a victory in what started as a bad day in the office.

The rules of the battle were Earth Quake and Super Sneak, and while I like Super Sneak, I prefer using it with Malric fire summoner and there was also no way to capitalise on the Earthquake rules because my life summoner has few birds.

One thing I've learnt about battles is that you shouldn't dwell on what you don't have but instead should try to leverage the monsters you actually have in relation to the battle rules.

So my first decision was choosing who to place at the back of the pack considering Super Sneak was active. I figured this monster had to be sturdy enough to protect my rearguard and then with earthquake rules factored in, the overwhelming choice was Silvershield Paladin. I picked the Knight to be in front of the line because it is also capable of taking a few hits and also boosts melee attack of friendly monsters.

Now that the two ends are covered, the next task was to pick the inbetweeners and naturally, armorsmith was top of the list. I have a level 5 armorsmith and each one costs a couple of cents.

Small margins determine battles, sometimes it could be as a result of speed, while other times, it could be as a result of the combination of the rules and monsters ability. In the first round, armorsmith's influence actually changed the outcome of the match by offering a shield to creeping ooze at the right time, thus enabling it to take a few more hits and invariably giving me more time to allow my slower monsters to do critical damage at the dying embers of the match.

At the end of the battle, I learnt that sometimes being able to take hits is as important as dishing them. I also learnt that having a decent strategy also increases your chances of victory. I hope you enjoyed this battle and the analysis, thanks for reading.


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