If its WAR you want, I've got the CHAANG for the occasion.

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Life in the Splinterlands sort of feels like real life, in that, sometimes, you have good days and other times, well, not so good days. Naturally, you'd hope the good ones come along more often and depending on a combination of luck, skill and quality, you're probably going to get more from life/the game.

Edition: UNTAMED
Rarity: EPIC
Element: NEUTRAL
ABILITIES: Retaliate at level 1; Trample at level 4.

This battle that features War Chaang was one of those good days where everything well and truly go my way, due to a combination of factors that I'll discuss below.

The Battle

I went into this battle feeling fairly confident of winning because that's my default feeling and secondly, the battle rules favoured the type of cards in my deck

Battle Rules

image.png All melee monsters have sneak

Everybody can deal double damage to a monster that's been knocked out.

These rules and the high mana cost for this battle fell right into my path and I totally went with it. Immediately I saw the situation, there was literally just one summoner on my mind and it is a rather special one that I recently got on lease.

The Summoner

Not going to lie to you, the reason I like this summoner is because he's well and truly a cool kid. At first glance, the shiny thing on his chest looks like a big gold chain, reminiscent of Trinidad James. He's a level 3 summoner that brings out the ultimate potential in my deck while offering improved melee, speed and negative health from my opponent.

This dude was undoubtedly the perfect choice of summoner for this battle that I intended to capitalise on the sneak buff all melee get.

The Tank

Lord A remains the ultimate tank and generally always delivers when called upon. The head in a jar retained his spot in the frontline to cater for potential magical hits to reflect and generally just stand there being ugly.

Knock Out

Goblin Mech is another cool kid I enjoy because it's a giant robot and I dig giant robots. 9/10 I'd use Goblin Mech as the tank whenever Lord A isn't available but this time, I put it in the second position because I wanted it to replace Lord A, if it died prematurely.

The other reason I picked this monster was to capitalise on the Knock out ability that all monsters had. At the current level, it could daze my opponent, thus leaving that card open for double damage hit from War Chaang or anybody else willing to capitalise.

Magical Ghost

This legendary magic-user was primarily added to boost speed and its position flat in the middle was to take advantage of the dodge ability in the event that things go bad at the back. It also has a decent magic hit of -2, so that was pretty useful as well.

Lucky for me, there were no spikes at the back or monster with opportunity and so, it was around for a couple of rounds, causing all sorts of problems for my opponent's rearguard


After the ghost, we have this exploding dwarf with some serious anger issues. Despite having low health, this monster deals quite a lot of damage when it lets loose. It is one of those kamikaze type cards that don't usually last long in battle but its effect is felt through out the battle.


Here we have the star of the occasion and my official retaliator for this sneaky battle. I used this monster because first of all, it attacked with both melee and ranged, thus dishing out even more damage. Secondly, it got the nod because it had retaliate ability, for whenever my Thorny Wizard gets killed.

War Chaang is a pretty impressive card and offers decent speed and Melee damage in the Sneaky situation. It has decent speed that was further boosted by the summoner and spirit miner, thus making it pretty lethal on the day.

Thorns in your side

Last and probably the start of the show was this Naga fire wizard with a thorny side to him. It was a straight choice between this monster and Cornealus, but mana limitations and plans for other places forced me into this decision.

Putting the wizard at the back was an obvious decision considering the type of battle it was going to be. I figured my opponent would want to capitalise on the Super SNeak situation, so having a monster with shield and then thorns just seemed like the perfect fit. To cap things off, the wizard also has a massive -3 damage, thus dealing damage on different ends of the field of battle.

I came out with a strong squad and we had a dominant victory on the day. Every now and then you get one of these battles that have you feeling extra good about yourself because of the sheer dominance.

In Hindsight

How do you improve on something that worked so well? I guess if I had the opportunity, I'd include one of those monsters that heal the shield of monsters that already have a shield. That would have prolonged the Wizard's dominance/damage in the game.

Get In The Game

If you enjoyed this battle and would like to join the game, you can join with my affiliate link below and we'd both stand the chance of getting a gold foiled legendary monster that could be worth like $100



Good placement of the Chaang for that ruleset, I just wish your opponent was a bit more difficult to have given you a real test!

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Yeah. Exploding dwarf and Naga wizard did the most damage. My opponent made it easy though and you know, I loved it 😄

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Well, that's a fantastic title for the post.
Nice strategy.
I hope you liked the way War Channg do the battle in the war.
Keep battling.

The video doesn't load for me (Error Code: 232404) but the post is great. I would have wished for a battle link to watch the match directly.