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In my first days of playing the game, my tactics was simply to throw in cards with high mana cost and hope for the best. I didn't consider game rules, monster type(melee, magic or ranged) and rules. Splinterlands card battles are a very dynamic and interesting proposal. Each battle has its unique rules combined with mana cap that determines the approach to be used. As far as I can tell, the rules are randomly generated, and in some way, they actually level the playing field.

About Sneak

Sneak ability is a special ability that some cards actually come with. The ability grants a card the ability to launch an assault on the rear guard of the opponent's team. It doesn't assure victory but it can be very useful in weakening your opponents defences.

Super Sneak Rule

When Super Sneak ability is part of the rules, it means all your melee monsters have the Sneak ability, thus allowing them to attack from any position and hurt the monster at the back.


When setting up my tactics, I try to balance things out by capitalising on it but ensuring I receive minimal damage because of it. This is particularly the case for situations when Super Sneak is activated.

In a situation where all melee monsters have the sneak ability, I like to ensure my rear guard is well protected, and so this means I put someone like Goblin Mech that's tough enough to withstand a couple of hits at the back and give my other monsters enough time to do damage.

In this battle, I employed this tactic and it worked like a charm. I kicked major ass by shielding my rearguard with Goblin Mech, and then kept the Angry unicorn in front. The combination with the Life Splinter that grants monsters +1 shield, also aided my plight.

There are times when it feels like no matter what you do, you just can't win, then you go on a losing streak that makes you question your existence. And then there are moments like the battle above where everything goes according to plan and you revel in your success




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