What if Nightwolf was a Splinterlands monster?

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I'm still Exploring the possibility of a Mortal Kombat-Splinterlands mix, and to do so,, I'll be picking some of my favourite characters and then fitting them into the different Splinters(Earth, Fire, Water, Dragon, Death, and Life). So far, we have two Splinters completed and Nightwolf is the third. Here are the previous episodes:

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Nightwolf(Earth Splinter)


Nightwolf is one of the Earth Realm fighters picked by Raiden to defend the planet during Shao Khan's invasion. He, alongside Liu Kang, Sonia, Johnny Cage and the other Earth realm fighters participated in some gruesome battles to keep the planet safe.

As an individual, Nightwolf is shown to be both compassionate and brutal in almost equal measure. He's always willing to make a tough decision, very perceptive and quite powerful, based on some of his bouts like the one where he goes toe to toe with the immortal Gerras and decapitates him.

Nightwolf, with real name Grey Cloud is a native American and is a shaman. Whenever he's not getting high and interacting with ghosts and celestials, you can find him in the woods chopping down trees and doing shaman stuff.

Actually, prior to having the nightwolf ability that grants him the ability to interact with ghosts, and transform into a wolf, he was a hot headed kid. He somewhat resented his people for their laidback nature during an event where his tribe was colonised. His resentment had him working for Kano until Kano made a request that he couldn't complete.


Nightwolf is skilled in Tae Kwon Do, and a bunch of other fighting styles used by his people(Red Indians). His strength comes from the nightwolf power bestowed on him by the great spirit that enhances his physical and mental capabilities.

He's not the quickest but whatever he lacks in speed, he makes up for it in brute strength, particularly in those the traditional battle axes that he always has on him. He uses the axes for closed range and long-range with wicked accuracy. Sometimes, he infuses the axe or a bow and arrow he summons with magic to increase the damage but that's usually when the target isn't moving and he has time to say his Vudu magic stuff.

The Nightwolf ability also grants him the ability to summon spirit animals, as well as turn into an animal himself. It is also a trick he taught Liu Kang in one of the older Mortal Kombat movies, where the chosen one transformed into his own spirit animal; a Dragon.

He's basically impervious to basic magic and only top tier sorceres like Quanchi and Tsang Sung could touch him; they're also both sort of scared of him because of this fact. He also has the ability to repel virtually any form of attack ranged(magic or ranged) that comes his way.

Splinterlands Lore

I figured we could fit him into SPlinterland by going back into his past. In the past, his little settlement was attacked by Shao Khan and his emissaries. We could just say it was Shoa Khan and the Lord of Darkness that connived to take over Earth realm and so they're the bad guys.

I initially thought about putting him into the life splinter but his ways didn't mirror the swankiness of people there. His style is more suited to Earth Splinter, and will just join the other Spirit Shaman there to fight the forces of evil.


His obvious weakness is that he's human, and in Mortal Kombat universe, that is a big deal. The characters there do quite a lot of damage, so getting killed is a strong possibility. Ughh, well, Nightwolf was technically killed once, but thanks to time travel and all that stuff, he came back to life.

Nightwolf's Stats

  • Melee: 1-2(level 1-4)
  • Ranged attack: 3-5(level 1-4)
  • Speed: 1-3(level 1-4)
  • Mana Cost: 8


Special Abilities

  • Void(Level 1-4)
  • Return Fire(Level 2-4)
  • Magic Reflect(Level 2-4)
  • Oppress(Level 3-4)

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Wow, this would be a great alternative to Cornealus as a Sniper or Magic Blast catcher.

Yeah and since he also has melee, he won't be totally useless in front. If battle rules allows ranged monsters to hit from front, he will even be way more dangerous. A proper Lord Arianthus killer right here.

Oh! I love it!
I think you chose wisely, Earth would be the perfect place for this guy. Like, maybe his relatives are in Palavan or Mitica Village... ya never know.

And his stats are BRUTAL. Just terrifying all around.
Great idea for a post topic!

Thanks Carrie. It's a series I've been running.