What if Sonya was a Splinterlands monster?

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I'm still Exploring the possibility of a Mortal Kombat-Splinterlands mix, and to do so,, I'll be picking some of my favourite characters and then fitting them into the different Splinters(Earth, Fire, Water, Dragon, Death, and Life). So far, we have three Splinters completed and Raiden is the third. Here are the previous episodes:

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Sonya Blade


If you've never met Sonya in battle, then it's best you keep it that way. It is probably also the reason why you're still breathing, so again, keep it that way because you don't want any of this lady's heat.

In Mortal Kombat Universe, Sonya blade forms part of the initial team selected by Lord Raiden to defend Earth against the dark forces of Outworld led by Shao Khan. Sonya and Johny Cage were the only two "normal" people in the initial Earth defence squad but don't get it twisted though, because she's far from being a pushover.

During the quest, she fought against many foes, with Kano, yeah, the same one that leads the black Dragon responsible for conquering Nightwolf's people. In the years that passed, she eventually started a love affair with Johny Cage and had a daughter named Cassie Cage that replaced her in later Mortal Kombat franchises.


Sonya was trained as a Marine, so she's no slouch. Sergeant Jax Briggs took a special interest in her and turned this ordinary determined girl into a super-soldier. She's an up close and personal type fighter, capable of going toe to toe with some top fighters of the Nether Realm like Reptile, and Kano.

When she's not knocking teeth out with her hard hits, she resorts to using some form of poison on her opponents. In some iterations, it is described as the kiss of death, while in others it is like powder she blows on her opponent's face.

Not Pretty

After rising in ranks in the military, she got some high-level clearance and so, she's never far away from calling an airstrike. Sadly, she can't use that firepower in battles outside Earth, but at least she can shoot those pistols with pinpoint accuracy. Then again, most people in Mortal Kombat Universe either dodge or are impervious to bullets, so she doesn't really rely on them.

Splinterlands Lore

Sonya found herself working for Malric Inferno after he locked up Johny Cage in a dungeon somewhere in the burning lands. It was a straight forward ultimatum: train my fighters and I'll give you your husband.

Sonya's Stats

  • Melee: 2-4(1-4)
  • Speed: 3-5(1-4)


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She would make for a great Back Tank in Melee Mayhem or maybe even Super Sneak.



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