BoyCharlieFamily DCity Collective Report - @boycharlieplays,@boycharliefamily, @boycharlieville - 9/6/2020

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What's good everybody it's your boy, Charlie!

I have been playing around with RPG Maker a ton and loved the idea of getting together some assets in these games to represent the actual NFT's on Hive-Engine, Splinterlands, and DCity. The lore behind this DCity Politics Collective is shaping up pretty well. To start, we take specific ID #'s and the associated cards and give them an RPG Maker representation. Each City and Building card will exist as a map that the Player character can explore. NPC's will represent Citizen cards, and we will use creatures from Splinterlands to inhabit the world based on our collection. Each NPC character will provide life and personalities that develop throughout the game. For the "Immigrant Card - 170240" card from @zapphead city, we place it into the game with a new "common event" on the map. The character in-game is made to interact with and has a physical representation in the RPG Maker DCity.

Idea for Citizen Interactions in an RPG Maker Visual Story representing DCity Towns

Now let's say a transaction made swaps a DCity citizen card within the collective to another account. To build a story around the move and have this immigrant card continue to tell you about its adventures in the new city, we update his dialogue. Thus he can show and tell you about the places they've been or the things they've seen recently on their travels. "I am Roy the Immigrant, I was born in @zapphead city but recently moved to @boycharlieville for new job opportunities. Did you know that the mayor of this town recently added a school?" Now Immigrant cards have the chance of transforming into Worker, Scientist, Artist, or Gamer cards at this time. Thus when "Immigrant - 170240 a.k.a Roy" turns into a different card in DCity, we have to morph the character and evolve him into the new type of citizen.

It would be fun also to be able to become these new citizen cards. Adding a character select specifically for Citizen Cards will aid in the experience of the "DCities" they inhabit. The game can explore the "DCities" that I am creating physically and experience the blockchain project in a new way.

bcp profile.png

@boycharlieplays - The DCity Mayor's Hero

@boycharlieplays is a representative for his city in the DCity Council. He is establishing a solid base with his constituents and of those from @boycharlieville and @boycharliefamily. @boycharlieplays is in his position for his ability to speak and connect with the people of the towns he represents. His significant policies are looking to create more portals of access for the assets put into the @boycharlieplays hive-engine account.

boycharlieplays city

boycharlieplays dcity 952020 city outlook.png

This data analysis shows @boycharlieplays city, a.k.a the Worker's City. Citizens from the five towns collective transfer here to make the most SIM Income as possible. Immigrant and Homeless cards from this city are transferred to @onestrong to receive career training to become Worker Cards. As of right now, no Worker Unions formed at this time. A lot of citizens are looking for more diversity in entertainment options. For now, the city is one of the best places for people to make money.

Population Stat = 811

The number of people that live in your city

Income Stat = 587

How much SIM you’re earning each day

Popularity Stat = 385

Gives % bonus to Population. Math: (Popularity^0.7)*100

boycharlieplays dcity.png

[ID Numbers][Building Cards]
231266🗣 Ad Agency
300198🗣 Ad Agency
174142♠️ Addicted Gambler
165258🏩 Apartment
185342🏩 Apartment
282202🏩 Apartment
311739🏩 Apartment
311769🏩 Apartment
117285🎨 Art Gallery
195908🖌 Artist
196535🖌 Artist
196620🖌 Artist
203673🖌 Artist
203770🖌 Artist
228290🖌 Artist
236540🖌 Artist
236803🖌 Artist
258799🖌 Artist
260368🖌 Artist
279138🖌 Artist
279213🖌 Artist
280043🖌 Artist
280599🖌 Artist
188093🏦 Bank
277091🏦 Bank
280204🏦 Bank
25707🏠 Basic Home
35992🏠 Basic Home
36578🏠 Basic Home
36787🏠 Basic Home
37545🏠 Basic Home
39426🏠 Basic Home
39428🏠 Basic Home
40249🏠 Basic Home
40308🏠 Basic Home
42126🏠 Basic Home
44834🏠 Basic Home
45014🏠 Basic Home
45855🏠 Basic Home
58742🏠 Basic Home
58800🏠 Basic Home
58807🏠 Basic Home
165252🏠 Basic Home
165253🏠 Basic Home
185331🏠 Basic Home
185332🏠 Basic Home
185334🏠 Basic Home
185339🏠 Basic Home
185340🏠 Basic Home
185341🏠 Basic Home
185344🏠 Basic Home
185345🏠 Basic Home
185354🏠 Basic Home
185360🏠 Basic Home
188099🏠 Basic Home
188100🏠 Basic Home
221399🏠 Basic Home
237982🏠 Basic Home
300323🏠 Basic Home
310263🏠 Basic Home
310267🏠 Basic Home
321627🏠 Basic Home
321630🏠 Basic Home
321633🏠 Basic Home
321636🏠 Basic Home
332376🏠 Basic Home
188095🎦 Cinema
165250🏭 Factory
165251🏭 Factory
188114🏠 Farm
220248🏠 Farm
220250🏠 Farm
220256🏠 Farm
220257🏠 Farm
228019🏠 Farm
269459🏠 Farm
269461🏠 Farm
311516🏠 Farm
311520🏠 Farm
178045🌲 Forest
178116🌲 Forest
188121🌲 Forest
189232🌲 Forest
269455🌲 Forest
162555🚚 Garbage Dump
196580🏋️‍♀️ Gym
266860📋 Hard Worker
220207😕 Homeless
325372😕 Homeless
331144😕 Homeless
170121🏨 Hotel
220251🏨 Hotel
198835🏛 Law Firm
111374🏘 Luxury Home
111386🏘 Luxury Home
111389🏘 Luxury Home
128268🏘 Luxury Home
128270🏘 Luxury Home
165254🏘 Luxury Home
165259🏘 Luxury Home
165260🏘 Luxury Home
165261🏘 Luxury Home
174347🏘 Luxury Home
174353🏘 Luxury Home
174354🏘 Luxury Home
174395🏘 Luxury Home
174397🏘 Luxury Home
185325🏘 Luxury Home
185328🏘 Luxury Home
185348🏘 Luxury Home
185349🏘 Luxury Home
185351🏘 Luxury Home
185355🏘 Luxury Home
185358🏘 Luxury Home
328476🚵‍♀ Mountains
322333🌃 Night Club
94298🕋 Nuclear Plant
187139🕋 Nuclear Plant
188119🌳 Park
188120🌳 Park
220252🌳 Park
220261🌳 Park
266412🌳 Park
185347👮 Police Station
185353👮 Police Station
198161👮 Police Station
286471👮 Police Station
286828👮 Police Station
309062👮 Police Station
311819👮 Police Station
311835👮 Police Station
311844👮 Police Station
165613🚻 Public Restrooms
269458🚻 Public Restrooms
266411📑 Research Center
165257🍴 Restaurant
170120🎒 School
188110🎒 School
269928👨‍🔬 Scientists
299337👨‍🔬 Scientists
85009🛒 Shopping Mall
165255🛒 Shopping Mall
170117🛒 Shopping Mall
310697🕍 University
185330🍀 Weed Dispensary
185338🍀 Weed Dispensary
188091🍀 Weed Dispensary
196660🍀 Weed Dispensary
303591☘️ WEED Farm
188115🎆 Wind Turbine
188116🎆 Wind Turbine
301174🎆 Wind Turbine
18466👷‍♀ Worker
20731👷‍♀ Worker
22945👷‍♀ Worker
23321👷‍♀ Worker
26410👷‍♀ Worker
26827👷‍♀ Worker
32052👷‍♀ Worker
72755👷‍♀ Worker
74013👷‍♀ Worker
90840👷‍♀ Worker
91753👷‍♀ Worker
100355👷‍♀ Worker
101338👷‍♀ Worker
145500👷‍♀ Worker
167821👷‍♀ Worker
185863👷‍♀ Worker
200085👷‍♀ Worker
207770👷‍♀ Worker
207827👷‍♀ Worker
213878👷‍♀ Worker
214236👷‍♀ Worker
234732👷‍♀ Worker
236026👷‍♀ Worker
236063👷‍♀ Worker
239120👷‍♀ Worker
239162👷‍♀ Worker
243395👷‍♀ Worker
243683👷‍♀ Worker
245609👷‍♀ Worker
246630👷‍♀ Worker
248459👷‍♀ Worker
256050👷‍♀ Worker
267353👷‍♀ Worker
271880👷‍♀ Worker
275861👷‍♀ Worker
277625👷‍♀ Worker
279183👷‍♀ Worker
281886👷‍♀ Worker
285193👷‍♀ Worker
310998👷‍♀ Worker
27815👷‍♀👷 Workers
31911👷‍♀👷 Workers
168146👷‍♀👷 Workers
169896👷‍♀👷 Workers
208259👷‍♀👷 Workers
237247👷‍♀👷 Workers
245471👷‍♀👷 Workers
247417👷‍♀👷 Workers
248259👷‍♀👷 Workers
249187👷‍♀👷 Workers
301534👷‍♀👷 Workers
316710👷‍♀👷 Workers
165249🐵 Zoo
185333🐵 Zoo

DCity Politics Notes & Requests

Blue Ribbon Points - Education Proposal

  • This proposal was brought to the community to bring more education funding into the cities and the Hive-Engine community
  • Members of the collective who are holding at least 10x Schools can receive 0.01 BRP for their focus on education.
  • This request helps promote more cities to focus on collecting and mining more Discovery Cards.

boycharliefamily city

bcf dcity.png

@boycharliefamily city is the Treasury City. @boycharlieplays and @zapphead meet here as the mayor heroes to bring forth new legislation and provide a discussion on any further requests. At this time, no buildings or citizens are present within the walls. The grounds serve as Neutral Land for all members of the collective to receive funding or receive a new card to adjust stats. Most of the time, cities will send to @boycharliefamily as a buffer of transaction records.

Population Stat = 0

The number of people that live in your city

Income Stat = 0

How much SIM you’re earning each day

Popularity Stat = 0

Gives % bonus to Population. Math: (Popularity^0.7)*100

bcf dcity outlook.png

[ID Numbers][Building Cards]

DCity Politics Notes & Requests

Family Fund

  • The @boycharliefamily account manages all of the income from the entire collective.
  • Each city transfers SIM Income with the memo "family funding."

boycharlieville city

boycharlieville report outlook.png

@boycharlieville aims to collect higher income and luxury building cards to design a lucrative high-end market city. Any Luxury Home cards that are purchased by the Collective Network are brought here with the hopes of getting high earning positions, home values, and jobs. By investing in these cards, we hope to showcase a city that is using the highest-earning cards available.

Population Stat = 33

The number of people that live in your city

Income Stat = 36

How much SIM you’re earning each day

Popularity Stat = 24

Gives % bonus to Population. Math: (Popularity^0.7)*100

bcv dcity.png

[ID Numbers][Building Cards]
185343🏋️‍♀️ Gym
185356🏋️‍♀️ Gym
263381🏘 Luxury Home
263459🏘 Luxury Home
263467🏘 Luxury Home
263672🏘 Luxury Home
263682🏘 Luxury Home
263686🏘 Luxury Home
263700🏘 Luxury Home
263703🏘 Luxury Home
265142🏘 Luxury Home
265142🏘 Luxury Home
188090🛒 Shopping Mall

DCity Politics Notes & Requests

No Current Requests

Thank you for reading!

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