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Hello, Everyone.

I hope that you all are well and sound by the grace of Allah.

In this post I'm going to share one of my splinterlands battle post.
Sorry for being inactive for a long time. But I'm back now again.

This post is to join the weekly contest of share your battle arranged by the @splinterlands team and this week's contest is that you have to play using a water monster named "The Captains Ghost".


Captain's Ghost.png

Screenshot (296).png

The Captains Ghost is a Rare Water Monster with MAGIC ATTACK ABILITY. It's special ability is AFFLICTION. Due to this ability, if this card attacks any enemy monster that enemy monster will loose the ability of healing because of the affliction.



Splinterlands also asked some questions about one of my battles played with the captains ghost.

My Battle:

Screenshot (294).png

Screenshot (295).png

#Battle Link:

Splinterlands also asked some questions about my battle. Such as, strategy, lineup.
I'm giving my answers bellow:-

My Strategy:

At first I used The Furious Chicken to take the damage of first enemy attack. Because The Captains Ghost has only 1 attacking speed also it'll help the others cards to stand longer. I used the Medusa in last position because it has less life level than The Captains Ghost.

Is Captains Ghost a good fit for this rule set?

Yes, for this ruleset Captains Ghost is a perfect ruleset. In this ruleset I couldn't use the melee cards. Because, it was a Keep Your Distance ruleset. So, a magic card is perfect in this ruleset.

Did My Strategy Worked?

Yes, my strategy worked successfully and I won the battle.

Will I try differently next time?

Yes I will try differently next time. I just need some more mana cap. I will use The Prismatic Energy in the first position because of its Reflection ability.

Do I use Captain's Ghost Often?

Yes, I do. I mostly use it as a magic attacking card also because of the summoner it can give the damage of 3 magic attack. I also like this card for it's Affliction ability. Because of it the enemy monsters with heal ability dies faster, because they became unable to heal their life.

That's All for now.

See You Again In My Next Post.

Thanks For Reading My Post With Patience.


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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Poor Furious Chicken, always defending in the front row, Nice Magic card team.