My Entry for Weekly Battle Challenge - Theme : WATER ELEMENTAL

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Hello all monsters lovers,

This is my entry for Share your Battle Weekly Challenge hosted by @splinterlands. Here is the link to post

This Week Theme : My Entry for Weekly Battle Challenge - Theme : WATER ELEMENTA


The more skilled summoners of ΛZMΛRÉ can summon water in its Elemental form. After the Water Elemental completes its summoned duty, it simply goes free. Most of them recede into the deeper reaches of the Dark Water, joining the Elemental Hordes of the Deep.

Here is stats of the card..

Card cost 5 mana and at level 1 it has the Self Heal and at level 5 unlocked a another ability - Dodge

Battle Details

Rule Set - Armored Up & Rise of the common
Here the screen shot of the cards lineup.
Here is the link to battle.


My strategy - As the rule ( Armored Up & Rise of the common) itself provide the additional armor so I placed the Water Elemental in last position. Card has a very decent speed and attack. Water Elemental in last position is very effective agaist the sneak attack. The self healing restore the health and the addition armor is plus point against the melee sneak monsters. One magic monster is used to get the additional attack as a buff from Summoner.

Did my Strategy works... Yes it does... the Water Elemental at last position vell defend the sneak attack by the opponent's melee monsters. The additional armor also helps. The self healing ensure refill of health so the cards must be ready for next round.

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