MYLOR CROWLING: My Favorite Splinterlands Summoner

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Being a long time Splinterlands player and having been rewarded, bought, sold, burned, and sketched many of my favorite cards, I remember that the THORN ability is one of the most powerful and vengeful of the game.

Two of my favorite BETA cards can do it.


The Blue Sea Dragon
(I give my own special nickname to each card I love.)


Mr. Many Snake Heads, but...


If you use this summoner, Mylor Crowling, ALL of your cards will have the THORN ability! Imagine if this were Street Fighter II, but every weak jab or melee attack hurts you by one, OK, no problem, because it will hurt them by two!

I honestly thought Mylor Crowling was a girl this whole time until I read his Splinterlore...

Although the Magi hates to admit it, Mylor is the most gifted student who has attended Summoners’ Green in many years. In his hundreds of years, the Magi has taught many students whose ambition exceeded reason and morality. When he looks into Mylor’s eyes, the Magi still sees a power-greedy child. Against the headmaster’s wishes, Mylor responded to a Gloridax invitation to Mount Mox and now summons competitively in the tournaments. His style is wild and reckless and he laughs while summoning, like it is all a big game.

Even if you lay out some level one junk cards, your enemy will receive 2 damage points every time they hit ANY of your EARTH cards when you choose this summoner. I am more a Dragon Splinter player myself, but this card will be on the top of my list to get MAXed in the future.


Nice artwork! :)

Thank you. I traced it from the card, but added a few thorns.