From 55.8% down to 47.5% win-rate!

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With still close to 6 days left remaining before the current season ends, my win-rate is already down to 47.5%. If this continues to go down in the coming days this would be one of my worst season in the past 5 seasons.

The last time I got a win-rate of less than 50% was 6 seasons ago. After I started slowly leveling up my cards I somehow was able to increase my average win-rate per season to above 50%.

But this season my main problem is my match-ups with almost 95% of my matches have a 200-500+ Battle Points higher than me and have close to max level cards. (You guys, please advance now to Champions League pleaseeee!!! Puh~leasseeee! XD)


And yeah I am still unfortunately at DIAMOND III. I am actually now starting to get a little worried that I might not be able to finish this season at least in the DIAMOND I leagues. But a lot can happen in 6 days so still keeping my hopes up.


As for my rewards, I did get 1 UNTAMED PACK so not at all bad.


Unfortunately like always, a $2 Pack quickly becomes $0.25!!! LOL



You're doing very good nice extra rewards today as well. How long have you been playing for?

Thanks! I have been playing a week after this game started. So years now. XD

Unfortunately at that time I didn't take the game seriously and have not leveled up my cards nor bought cards to build my deck. Kinda regretted that and here is me today starting to slowly buy and level up my cards now :)

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