Over The Lowest Splinterlands Power Threshold

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Greetings, fellow sentient beings!

I haven't posted about the first game that I tried on the blockchain for more than a year. Since then, it has only continued to grow like a monster. No pun intended.

The funny thing is, I used to ply such games each week, most of the days, outside the blockchain where they took more time since in most card games you actually control the battle turn by turn. In this one you manage your collection and you set your line up before each battle, then it resolves without you...

...losing too much of your time. No kidding, this is what I do enjoy now. Being able to see results without micro management. It is well suited for blockchain and it is successful for that reason - it's timed accordingly.

Now, this here shared battle took place today as I tried to overcome the lowest power threshold required in order to increase the seasonal awards from 5 to 7 chests. Well, some time ago I had more power in the game, without it being measured and without it bearing the same meaning. Those thresholds were recently implemented.

A snapshot of where I am in the rankings.


My ref link to Splinterlands

(At least don't forget to mouse over unknown links on the internetses to see where they lead before clicking.)

The thing is, though, I do not play enough to make use of that power. No time for tournaments, either.

I still think it is a good investment (only my opinion, no advice, of course) for those who would play often, anyway. Because the more powerful you are, the more new cards you get awarded and the valuable ones keep increasing their price. As long as the game goes well, they will continue to do so as limited editions eventually become out of stock.


This one went perfect, I think. Without me losing any units versus heavy hitters on the opposite side. Speed, i.e. initiative mattered a lot, resulting in my numerous tiny but ferocious guys killing off heavy stuff before they took damage.

In the end, I still had to purchase some small amount of Dec on Hive-engine so that I can buy the last 20 power needed in order to get over that threshold. Perhaps no time to play tomorrow, so...

Anyway ;)

Good luck and have fun!




Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 37 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!