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Last season I finished at Diamond I and earned 60 reward chests. The best card I earned was an epic and for DEC there was one chest that earned me 550 DEC. All in all it was a so-so end of season earning for me. On the bright side I earned a lot more DEC with my current guild than in the past with my old guild. On average 1 week of battles I can rake in around 3.5k DEC - 4.5k DEC. That equates to 500 - 640 DEC a day! Conversion rate it is a little more than $0.50 USD a day without including quest rewards.


The past 8 days for my quest earnings resulted in 1850 DEC in card burn rate and 1333 DEC. Combined all this together I am averaging close to 1,000 DEC earning per a day. The quests rewards would be consider outstanding relative to my daily DEC earn in battles.

A consolidated season #47 stats for me from https://kiokizz.github.io is as follows:


I remember how I forgot to accept Champion league when I barely went over 3700 in points. This made me miss obtaining 20 extra season reward chests as at Champion it meant 80 season reward chests. Another interesting stat to look at was that I earned rewards in 4 out of 8 tournaments I participated in. That meant I had even more DEC earned per a day when I include my tournament winnings.


For the season I had earned slightly over 20k DEC in all rewards combined making it close to 1.5k DEC per a day! I believe having joined a higher level guild has benefited me more than the fees it cost to be apart of the guild. Glad I made the move.


Another interesting data point for review is my top 10 used monsters in matches. Apparently I use Gelatinous Cube more than Furious Chicken just ever so slightly. Although my Cube is only at level 6 while my Chicken is max level 8. I do think I may upgrade my Cube to max in case I continue to use it more in the future. Other cards I have yet to max but on the list as top 10 used are LA, Earth Elemental, and Defender of Truth. I will likely never get a max LA as current one is borrowed while my Earth Elemental and Defender of Truth are level 5 and level 3 respectively.


Current lowest cost per BCX upgrade for the two cards is worth over $136USD or slight more than 142k DEC. That is close to six seasons of earnings for me to earn to break even in cost. I have other priorities right now with my collection such as growing my Untamed cards so will decide to hold off on either of these cards upgrade unless they are at lower prices.


Having joined a higher guild this has been the first time I took a deeper look at my earnings in the game. I have a weekly fee to stay in the guild but it still appears to me it is more beneficial as I am also in a competitive guild that plays daily in brawls. I also was a bit surprise the total amount of DEC I earn daily on average is somewhat low. I mean considering my deck collection is in excess of $4k I would have hope for much more in returns. However many of my cards are duplicates and alphas so I lack the higher level summoners/monsters to win more of my battles. In fact I focus a decent amount of lending of my cards so have a small daily earnings from that I can add to my total.

All in all I am happy with my current take on the rewards in Splinterlands. I of course would like to have more but then again would it not be true for all players. The game is rising in interest and can be seen just my the market cap.


If you have yet to start playing Splinterlands what better time to start than now as the value of NFTs are on the rise. I am happy that I stood by this game for more than a year now and believe I am being rewarded now after all these daily game play and earnings.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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How did you get these views of all your cards and the stats if you don't mind me asking? I like it! much easier to track than in game.

It was cut and paste from a few website, but ones I go daily are:
peakmonsters.com/@yourname/explorer, sign in with hive keychain.
The overall season stats is created by splinterlandstats but webpage link: https://kiokizz.github.io, it will also require you to sign in with hive keychain.
Good Luck.


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Interesting to see your development.

I'm encountering you a lot on the Alpha tournaments. My focus was on Alpha cards at the start, now it has shifted to necessary cards, where I try to buy only what I need long term. I don't buy any packs any more, and use the potions to open the packs from the rewards.

Do you collect also gold foil cards?

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