A Huge Mistake or A Foul Play?? Splinterlands Trade That Went Very Wrong!

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I never considered while playing Splinterlands that one day I would open a golden legendary card in one of my packs, but it did happen and boy was I excited. It dropped from a beta pack and it was a Gold foil Lightning Dragon. I held it until today..


Normal market price for Gold Lightning Dragon was around 100$ these days, but today I see something strange. Golden Lightning Dragons are all bought and the cheapest one was 4499$. Holy cow I thought, I have one of those that I could probably sell for definitely a higher price than 100$, so I listed it for 3199$. Optimistic, but hey, some of these NFTs are sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, this one actually has some ingame utility and it's rare so it definitely can be worth as much.

First thing I checked after I listed my dragon was is it registering on the marketplace. Hive transactions are fast so it should of listed right away, but it didn't. Immediately I thought something definitely went wrong. I refreshed for about 5 minutes and nothing, my Dragon was gone from my wallet, first I thought somebody bought it, damn that was fast I thought... Then I logged on peakmonsters to check the block explorer and to my absolute dumbfounded surprise..


..it seems I listed my Gold Foil Lightning Dragon for 3,199$ instead of 3199$. Mistake I don't ever make on my card trades, I sold and bought thousands of Splinterlands cards, not once had I made a mistake, and now it seems I made the largest mistake one can ever make, selling something for dirt cheap when it spiked in price. Or is it a foul play?

Why would anyone sane list

a card for 3,199$

when the lowest listed card

is priced 4449$!?

There was a one lucky user who had a bid order so low and it was @reazuliqbal. So if anyone can contact him and tell him it was a mistake on my part (or a foul play) to return me that card, I would greatly appreciate it.


Screenshot from 20210228 224457.png

You have got it back!

OMG you are the king!!! Your move brings back hope to humanity and it shows that Hive community is the best place to be! On some other blockchains this transaction would already be forgotten. Thank you again!

How did we go? Any word?

No it's still quiet. The dragon is still in his wallet. I hope he will notice, I'm getting nervous.

Oh shiiiiiit bro :( I hope @reazuliqbal will realize the mistake and work it out with u. Gonna share it for people to see.

(Very) Good luck!

Tnx, it was an honest mistake. I hope @reazuliqbal will be honest himself and consider returning it. Blockchains man..

Don't worry, you will get it back. 👍

I hope you will get it back..

If you do this in Peakmonsters you're inmediately warned about selling too low.

I did it directly from Splinterlands.

I hope you luck with this, and that @reazuliqbal will give you the card back