@reazuliqbal Brings Back Hope to Humanity and it Shows that Hive People are the Best! Dragon is Back!

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Bring that man some positive Karma he absolutely deserves it after returning me my Gold Foil Lightning Dragon which I sold by mistake for 3.199$ instead of placing an order of 3199$. I still don't remember placing the damn . or , in my order... It's a mystery how I managed to do that, but it is what it is. You can never be too careful about these things.

@reazuliqbal realized I made a mistake and he returned the card back to me. Again not everyone would do that in this mad world we are living in. Thanks man and HIVE ON!


If you don't mind please send the 4601.832 DEC back to @reazuliqbal 😉

Check your Hive wallet, I don't think you noticed I've send you 5HBD :)

Oh LOL. I was away then, so haven't checked. Thanks.

No problem, again thank you.

Woohoo, I'm glad it worked out!!

Me too! It was a strange one.

Quality sportsmanship there.

Top notch, true gentleman. A sir truly deserving of that title :)

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