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RE: The Chronicles of a No Lifer

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I cant send anyone, I am too busy playing #risingstar lol ,
Loving it so far and really pushing to get as high as I can in the first 7 days, although its slowed down a bit now , cant get enough energy :) lots of waiting.

Still playing Holy Bread, you only get an upvote if you have at least 1 fight in the Arena each day

Solinterlands, not enough time, Crypto Brew, need to spend to go any further

There is also Exode, which I have not looked at yet :)

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Oh yeah Exode..not my thing lol
Cryptobrew you can get ingredients for free by doing the daily tasks at the pub :)

Need to increase luck on Rising Star and get a pizza box to save pizza slices nomnom

Maybe that could be the next episode of the Chronicles, tips! Lol

Thank you for your comment and highlight me on your awesome Wheel :)

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I have been doing the daily tasks, but today it was costing me for every task, :( and used up the first amount I had eraned from my first sake -

that's odd but I guess I never got that problem because I have some...I only spend energy for the quests and some of the token for the quick brew. Maybe they ask for CBM on the quests and I didn't notice it lol tried to find if there was a way to send you the tokens inside the game but there isn't and I don't have the minimum still lol good luck!

will go back i today and see what is happening