My Battle In Splinterlands - Weekly Challenge with EARTH ELEMENTAL.

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Hello All,

This is another post in splinterlands sharing my battle for SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge.


Here's a link to the challenge post.

Rarity: RARE
Element: EARTH
Attack: RANGED
Abilities: Heal at level 4

It is a ranged attack monster with Heal at level 4.

This is a nice card with 1 ranged and 1 speed and 6 health in level 1 and it requires 3 mana.

Heal Ability: Restores a portion of the monsters health each round.

I'm going to share my last battle with this monster.

I played with Earth Splinter.
Battle mana cap was 20.

There was one rule for the battle which is-
Standard: No modification to the standard gameplay rules and mechanics.

You may watch my battle from the link below.
Here's a direct link to my battle.

Link to my battle.





I used Wizard of Eastwood as the earth summoner.
I already had the theme card (earth elemental) in my card collection.

Wizard of Eastwood

Wizard of Eastwood is an untamed earth summoner.

It has the ability to take 2 armor from all the enemy monsters.

It can go upto level 8 with 115 cards.

My monsters: Nectar Queen at first place then Orc Sergeant at second, Earth Elemental at 3rd and Furious Chicken at the last place.

Visual of the monsterAbout the monster
Marketplace.Nectar Queen: It's a common earth monster of reward edition. It has three abilities: Flying at level 1, Retaliate at level 6 & Poison at level 10. This monster can go upto level 10 with 400 cards.
Marketplace.Orc Sergeant: It's a common earth monster of untamed edition. It has two abilities: Reach at level 1 & Inspire at level 6. This monster can go upto level 10 with 400 cards.
Marketplace.Earth Elemental: It's a rare earth monster of alpha/beta edition. It has one ability: Heal at level 4. This monster can go upto level 8 with 115 cards.
MarketplaceFurious Chicken: It's a rare neutral monster of reward edition. It has one ability: Enrage at level 5. This monster can go upto level 8 with 115 cards.

Earth Elemental is a good fit for the rule set because of it's abilities and powers.

  • Question: Did my strategy work? What will I try differently next time?
    Ans: My strategy worked and I'll likely to play with this card next time.
    It's a good card with nice power.

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Some screenshot of my battle.



Battle Details: The battle went well.
Nectar Queen of my team did well with it's attacking as it has big attack power in level 1. Earth Elemental of my team also did well with the 1 attack. Enemy team also used nice monsters with water splinter.
My team did so nice attacking the monster team.

That's it.


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Thanks for sharing.

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One of my favourite card for the earth team. Great battle, even better win!

Thanks for sharing!

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