Season Ending Soon & Splinterland Moves To Hive! ~

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Hi Everyone,

These 24 hours will be an exciting one for those playing Splinterlands. The season is ending in 16 hours and everyone will be super excited with itchy hands to see what rewards they will receive. Remember the higher the league, the more chest you get to claim. I've have been managing to get myself in Champion 3 for a few seasons and I am hoping soon I'll move up to Champion 2 but the others are just too strong. Still have 16 hours to battle it out.

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The other exciting thing is Splinterland is migrating over to Hive. Players have always been to make transactions with different tokens and Hive but moving to the new chain will be nice and complete. You don't need to do anything, the game will have a short downtime to make sure everything moves over successfully. Make sure you have your passwords ready as the ones you will be using will be the Hive ones.

Keep an eye out for the next 24 hours. Lots of great things happening and I'm sure you don' want to miss a beat!


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I bought some spinterland cards for my son, but then since long, he is not doing anything. How are they affected, when its moved to hive ?

the cards ARE NOT affected at bought them ,its yours...end of story...don't worry about it...

Good to hear that, I will have to ask him to log in and see. Can you point me what has changed ?

Can you point me what has changed ?

To quote from the post

Make sure you have your passwords ready as the ones you will be using will be the Hive ones.

So, if you use Keychain extension, you'll be using Hive keychain instead of Steem keychain. That's it!

Yes as @funnel stated, your cards are safe. Just splinterlands will move from the Steem chain to Hive chain. The move should occurs after the season ends tonight