Splinterlands Season Rewards

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Hi Everyone,

The time has come for season rewards. This time I am lucky to be in Champion 1 again and get to open 150 chests. Remember no potions will be used for these openings so in a way, everyone is on the same chance. The potions will be left to open packs which I guess is great for those who intend to purchase them from now and in the future. I love potions so definitely be holding onto them for some time especially when ORB replacements are out!

Screen Shot 20200816 at 8.22.50 am.png

First let's see what I have this time. I have just show the "exciting" openings. Out of that many chests, I got 1 legendary and 1 gold card. Nothing wow but I think I am pretty lucky considering what I have read on discord.

Screen Shot 20200816 at 8.24.17 am.png

Screen Shot 20200816 at 8.24.29 am.png

Season DEC reward tallied up to just over 1100 which is substantially less than what I got last season. Oh well, I guess we will just wait and see what we can get when this season ends. See you on the battlefield!

Screen Shot 20200816 at 8.24.51 am.png


animation by @catwomanteresa

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Whoa....cool rewards there...I finally got myself into Champion level 3, I had more DEC and potions than cool cards for my seasons rewards...hope to increase my tier this season...
Wishing you best of luck...

wow champ 3 is great! good luck for this season!


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