What I Upgraded Recently To Be More Competitive in Splinterlands

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Hi Everyone,

It has been awhile since I have upgraded my cards. One part of me is I’m time poor, I login play a few games between cooking, waiting to do their homework and the other part of me is I want to spend as little as possible since putting in a big sum into by a tract during the land sale. To me it was a big sum (one hit) so it really hit me compared to the packs or cards I get here and there even though when I add them up it will cost way more than my tract. So here is what I have upgraded recently hoping that I can climb the ranks a little more easier.

I saw the Oaken Behemoth card price dropped a bit so it is the chance to level it up to level 2. The extra knockout ability comes in hand when the monster strikes. Although it is a high mana card, it has the double attack plus reach which is one of my favourite ability. Put the monster in second spot and I’m set.

Screen Shot 20210227 at 9.05.38 pm.png

I have finally leveled up my Centauri Mage to level 5 to get the repair ability. Love this ability with the return fire, it is great to protect the team and the monster. I didn’t realise I have enough single cards to upgrade this or else I would have done this ages ago (did I mention I was time poor)

Screen Shot 20210227 at 9.01.48 pm.png

The other one I upgraded was the Spirit Sharman. Redemption was what I was eyeing and I’m glad I did it. Not a cheap card to upgrade but I had enough to do so why not. I don’t normally like to upgrade rarer cards due to the demand of them later on but this one I decided to take a gamble and have this beauty in my team. Getting rid of some life from your opponent before the monster die is a huge bonus. As you can see, I have been working on my earth team, I’ll be slowly working around my other ones to see what other upgrades I can work on or towards to make myself more competitive with the rest of the other players.

Screen Shot 20210227 at 9.05.23 pm.png


animation by @catwomanteresa

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Good job on the upgrades, the spirit shaman can be a game winner if his stun keeps hitting, one of my favorite cards.

Yep its totally worth it!


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