Splinterlands | 20 Untamed Pack Opening! {2nd Pack Opening}

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Here's the blog for my first every card pack opening: https://peakd.com/hive-140217/@wolven-znz/my-first-every-splinterlands-card-pack-opening

I'm still super rust when it comes to making videos so bear with us ^_^ But here is my 2nd Splinterlands card pack opening and the first one caught on video. Tried using some of the potion this time around to see if I could bag any Legendary or Gold Foil cards. I'm still new to the game so please by all means let me know if this was a decent haul.

If there are any other videos you'd like to see of games, crypto or not then feel free to leave a suggestion! I've seen other games based on the #Hive blockchain which I may take a look at. Let me know!


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I think you got some good cards and the legendary dragon is one of my favorites. It does great damage.
I loaned you a few extra cards to get you started. Makes it easier to get a few wins and move up the rankings for more rewards.

Oh really? Wow thank you! I'll have to load up and check them out in the morning. Thank you! And yeah that dragon card seemed super cool. Thank you so much for checking my content out 💜