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Hello Splinterlands fans

New week have started and with that, new hopes have risen. Last week was a productive week for Steem users as we have seen some significant rise of the price of Steem and along with some other features and changes have been introduced to us. While apart from all that, is it the day to share my battle with all of you. Do not get surprised, it is not an actual battle but a battle game play (recap) sharing post with all of you. Like every week, @splinterlands have thrown a challenge towards the players of Splinterlands, which is to share a battle with everyone, using a specific monster within that game. Check the link below for more details :


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This week's monster pickup was Rexxie. It is a common Earth Monster, which was one of the most used card in my early days along with Goblin Mech of Death deck !


Battle Link

I probably have said in my previous blogs, how much of a fan I am of big mana games. As because there a player can use the most effort and can display the strength of that player in the game. In addition to that you get to use big mana monsters in those games as well. So Rexxie is among those cards that can not be used often but once you know how and when to use it, this card can be a beast.

Let me share my play with you all. My game rule-set was Closed Ranged & Odd ones out and the mana was 38. Yep, yep, Rexxie is on the loose.

As you can see in the battle above, let me share why I choose that line up and why this monsters. Since I was playing high mana game there is two probable chance that will happen. The 1st monster will take most of the hit so will the last monster as well (sneak attack). So keeping that in mind I went out with this setup.

Rexxie :

Since, I was focusing on defensive role in here, then why not, go on a little offense as well. So along with life 8 (+1 from summoner), with +6 melee attack and with Trample ability this could be a huge advantageous card in the first place. Along with the tank heal support from Spirit of the Forest and the trample of its own ability and the heal was a plus point in the game for the Rexxie. The card that I was looking forward to in this match.

Stone golem

While like I stated, since I was playing little defense, this measure was for if my Rexxie gets beaten, Stone golem is the next choice. As for its ability of Shield and Stun would fit the place. The shield would reduce the damages of melee & ranged attacks, in the mean time my rest of the monsters would take care of the other opponent monsters at hand.

Mushroom Seer

one of my favorite magic monsters card in earth deck. Along with it the `poison` ahahahaha benefit in all ends. Plus the reduction of magic ability on opponent does becomes much more sweet as well. But I always hate it whenever there is a magic reflect card of opponent in the first place and my card had to take a hit as well. And so it happened in this game as well.

Javelin Thrower

Having melee attack monsters is a must when it really comes to high mana games. Due to the magic reflect monsters can become a hassle at times. The piercing ability is a bonus along with the dodge ability. While another reason was the position suited the monster, not to easy to get from the end and not so easy to grab from the beginning (if the monsters start to die from both ends).

Spirit of the Forest :

I was looking to add this card for such a long time to my deck as without SOTF the earth deck is somehow incomplete. It is not really possible to buy the card atm for me, so I rented level 3 SOTF card for 60 days, with a 0.03 USD per day rental contract. Not bad from my pov. As I needed that card badly as I was going higher in the leagues, the opponents are tough to handle without this card.

The abilities of this LEGENDARY Earth Monster is what makes it a unique and valuable card of this deck. The Tank Heal is one of the best feature out in here. Along with it the feature of +2 armour, comes in great help. With the speed of 6 & flying ability sometimes it also avoids ranged attacks (melee attacks) depending on the rule set of the game. Do not forget the Snipe ability of it as well. Comes in handy as well.

Earth Elemental

Since, it is a high mana game, the opponent might come with magic attack monsters or snipe attack monsters, the snipe attack is all handled by Earth elemental. With it's heal ability and the +2 ranged attack made it worth while in the last position.

Against an opponent who has maxed cards, I was having some doubts that my setups would have been dealt with by the opponent but seems like it went pretty great. So I can call that a right call and my plan worked out perfectly. While if I am being honest, I must say that Earth deck is one of my favorite and so was Rexxie as well, in the beginning of my steem journey. Though I do not use it often but in some rule-set of high mana, I still look out for it to use in a battle and most of the time it really have served it purpose in a game.

There are lots of strategies that a user can follow or apply while playing and from my point of view this ideas and thoughts can only come from playing as many matches as possible and watching all these games helps a lot as well.

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Yes! I knew there were people out there who still loved Rexxie!
Excellent strategies. Thank you!


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