Kraken: The untamable water beast

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Hello splinter nerds, the recent hacking of some splinterlands account made most players scared but good to know the founder has found a solution to that and also explain to players and investors on how to keep their asset saved...

Today i will be writing about a water beast known as kraken, it is one of the voracious monster out there who doesn't bend to the calling of any, very violent in battles and causes fatal damage to the enemy monster......

They say that in the recent shifting of the Planet that has come with the Untamed, great schisms were opened on the floors of the seas. Through these new openings emerged new monsters from the core beyond, larger than anything even the most traveled Azmaré pirate has ever seen. The Kraken is one such beast, and one that occasionally swims as high as the water’s surface. Sailors who have seen it say that it approaches from beneath like a great storm cloud, somehow darkening everything around it with its massive shadow. With the swipe of a single tentacle, the Kraken can capsize the mightiest ships as if they were a child’s bath toy. The Kraken is so huge that special Gloridax sorcery was used to ensure that its projected essence in tournament battle was only a small portion of its actual size. If this precaution had not been taken, summoning the Kraken would have crushed every spectator in the arena.

The mighty kraken itself ready to wage war in any battle and can withstand any kind of attack, its long life made it last longer in battle and hence gives the other monsters enough time to wreck havoc on the opponent...

Kraken is bestowed upon with 4 unique abilities which makes it stand out in battles


The first ability is the taunt which makes the opponent monsters focus on only the kraken as a target and until he dies, they will target only him giving the chance to its team mate to destroy the opponent monsters...*


The second ability is the demoralize ability which is every melee monsters nightmare as it reduce their power by one which makes them weak in battles..


The third ability is the enrage abilitty which makes it violent when it is being hit by the opponent, the enrage increase its melee power and speed and makes it more deadly on the battle field and also hard to hit for the melee and range monsters..


The fourth ability is the retaliate ability, this is another ability of its that affect melee attack monsters because if they attack it, there is 50% chance of it retaliating and hence causes fatal damage to them..

If you want to enjoy the usage of kraken, you can use it in no neutral rules and it works great in only melee monsters rule too, i love using it the best in opportunity rules.....


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All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and gif credit goes to splinterlands.

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What a beautiful card since I bought it I had a great time with the element of water it is evident that it is legendary

yea i love using it too

how do you find yourself in the community ODB

Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Be careful with you the Kraken, be careful with your accounts.