Almo Cambio The Antidotes to Noxious Fumes

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Hello splinterlords and splinterladies, how are you today. Thank you for this awesome opportunity to share battles. I learned how to arrange monsters in this platform through sharing of battles. This gives me joy to share battles here.
I could remembered when I started, more than one month I did not win any battle and because of this. I stopped playing splinterlands for while. Thanks to this platform where I saw some battles and I started Arranging my monsters like that.
Today, I am trying. Though am still learning because learning continues till death. Am learning new styles everyday through sharing battles. I have watched some great battles which I put to practice. I knew their are new people who joined splinterlands and still find it difficult to win just like the way I started sometimes ago. Splinterlands is game when you enter inside you won't like to leave the platform again. The game is so exciting and fun. Since I understood the basic of the game, I enjoying playing it.
Today, I will be talking about Almo Cambio and the resistance against Noxious Fumes This rule came out few weeks ago. The first time I saw this noxious fumes, I couldn't win the game until I started using Monsters that gain health in each round. Few days later, Almo Cambio was among end of the season reward I got. For the past three days, I did not know the usefulness of this monster until I used it when Noxious fumes was among the rules. That was how I knew it.

Almo Cambio is a legendary and neural monster. Neural simply means it can be use with any monster if the rule permitted to do so. The level one has 12 health,. 4 speed, and zero armor. No melee attack; no range attack; no magic attack.
It has four Abilities- immunity, phase, return fire and magic reflect. This abilities makes Almo Cambio unique.
• Immunity: the monster is immune to negative status effects. This is the reason the monster does not affected by noxious fumes. This is the major reason I won this battle.
• Phase: This is the only monster I ever heard that it has ability to evade magic attack. I know there are many of them but this is the first o e I ever heard. There is a possibility that monsters with magic attack can miss this legendary summoner and this ability can be activated at level 2.

• Return Fire: Another wonderful ability is returning fire, when hits by range attack.
• Magic reflect:

• Noxious Fumes: All Monsters start the battle poisoned
• Odd Ones Out: only monster with odd Mana costs may be used in the battle.

Clicked here to watch the battle.

Stone Golem>Rexxie> Orc Sergeant>Sandworm> Centauri Mage>Goblin Chariot
Torhilo The Frozen>Almo Cambio>Captain Ghost>Sandworm>Creeping Ooze>Water Elemental

• Torhilo The Frozen: I have three major reasons I used this monster here. The following are the reasons: it has ability to reduce the magic attack of opponent monster-This was the reason Centauri Mage does not have any effect on it; it has four melee attack- when this type of Monster hits the target, it reduces health or armor by four; and 9 health and 5 armor- it will take time for it to be destroyed.

• Almo Cambio: if it wasn't this monster, I would have lost the battle. The Noxious Fumes has no effects. When Rexxie destroyed Torhilo The Frozen; it was Almo Cambio that led the battle and it led it successful. It was the only the monster that was not destroyed by noxious fumes because of its ability.

• Captain ghost: I used this monster here because of it magic attack. In this kind of battle you need monsters with magic attack. Since the noxious fumes attacks only the health and not the armor. Therefore, I need monster that will reduced the health of opponent monsters.
Another reason was to afflict monsters with increased Heath. But unfortunately there is no monster with increased Heath in opponent monsters.

•Sandworm: One of my favorite monsters because of high melee attack. Just a strike can destroyed monsters. Goblin Chariot got eliminated with just one attack and Centauri Mage's Health got reduced to minimal with a strike. Eventually, got eliminated by opponent Sandworm.

• Creeping Ooze: since the battle required high speed attack. I used creeping Ooze to reduced the speed of my opponent which it does. But got destroyed by noxious fumes.

• Water Elemental: the reason for choosing water Elemental was to continue increasing health till the last round, but I forgot that sneaky monster was included in the battle. I never thought that my opponent would have sneaky monster that would reduced the health by five. Water Elemental was among my monsters that were destroyed by noxious fumes at first round.

In our practical life, when you apply the correct principles to particular thing you want to accomplish; You will certainly get the result you wanted just the way I used Almo Cambio. This monster was made for such rule. There are certain principles to accomplish certain things. Apply the principles in right way and you will get the result.


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