The Beauty Of Marlic Infano

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Hello Hivers, how are you today? I just want to use this medium to thank everyone one here. Ending of the season was not that easy for me. An hour to the end of the season I lost two battles that took away 20 points from me due to network issue. This lost made me not to recover again till the end of the season.

Today, I battled so much and I won and I lose. The battle I thought I would Lost was the battle with Neminers-44. click here to watch the battle. When I saw the line up of my opponent, I thought I have lost the battle which made me to end the battle without watching it. But after I saw that I have won the battle, I watched the battle again; the battle was so interesting to watch.

Drawing and painting is making me so creative. After few days i drew Marlic Infano last week, I decided to paint it this week; to give it more look. I would have done this some days ago but I was so occupied with activities. Therefore, I couldn't have time to paint it until today I was given an opportunity by my boss.

We just finished second term in my school; i supervised the examination for the two full weeks and after supervision I marked two subjects- mathematics and Basic Science of which I still on it. There was a day I was supervising the examination, I caught this students cheating, but I did not punish him. I came back to office and asked myself, "am I doing the right thing? Would I not give room for students to cheat when I saw this students without saying anything?" I became offended but nothing I could do anymore because time has passed.
I was regretting of not doing the right thing, until after the examination, I called him into my office a d told him the punishment against examination malpractice. I won him not to engage himself in examination malpractice, until then my mind settled.
Telling the truth not only reduces the stress and burdens but also makes you free and transparence. It was like burdens was taken off of my body.

After I drew this finished some weeks ago,i decided to paint it today. You can see that am improving in my drawing and painting because The first time I drew and painted wasn't as good as this. I am learning new skills of drawing and painting.

I started painting with green and black colours. It was very nice of me to start from simple to complex. I started from areas that are very simple to paint to complex areas. I used the strategy in teaching, where you have to start from knowing to unknown.

The next thing was using yellow colour. I wanted to use deep yellow but it wasn't available; therefore, I have to use what I have to paint it.

The reason you see this place like this is that my red colour finished. I was searching all over to get the red colour because I was in a far place. I cannot get colour from my environment. I also asked for red marker from my senior staff but I was not able to get one. I decided to used another colour that looks like red among the colours that I have.

I succeeded using the colour to painted it since there was no alternative to get red colour.

You can see the finishing touch. Though, mine is not the best. My joy is that, I am improving. I can draw something that was very complex to me before.
You are free to teach me how I can make this painting looks good through comment section. I am ready to learn from any body.
God bless you.


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