The Worst And Good Side of Lone Boatman

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Hello splinterlords and splinterladies around the world, how are you today. I want to use this opportunity to say thank to the moderator, curators and splinterlands team. God bless you.

Yesterday I couldn't complete my daily quest because it was the first time I was given the tax which was to used snipe monster to complete daily guest. The quest was completed this morning.

Using Lone Boatman in a Battle is very exciting. Sometimes you need to try other way round. I don't use this monster often because I thought it will not give me victory. But when I used it today, I got to know the amazing Abilities of this life monster.

Lone Boatman varies in range attack, speed, Heath and armor depending on the levels of the Monsters. This Monster is a common life monster with 3 Heath at level one. This little number of health made me not to be using it in battles as monsters like its ability will be looking for it to eliminate in the battle. It has a mana cost of 5 which is incredibly good, with 2 speed at level one; and the speed keeps increasing as you are changing its level from one level to the highest level.

The Abilities of lone boatman are the following:
• snipe ability- this is one of the uniqueness of this monster. It target monsters with range, magic or no attack that are not in the first position; this monster is usually used to disorganize the arrangement of opponent monsters in the middle or behind. The word 'snipe' simple means hiding in somewhere and shooting at someone or something. That is the major work of this monster.
• Repair- This ability can only activated at level 5. This is a powerful ability that can make you win the battle. I have used monster with this ability to win several battles. Using monsters with repair ability, will repair the armor of any monsters whose armor has taken the most damaged in the battle. The good thing about this monster is that, it repairs all monsters' armor that has been damaged not only the attacking monster.
• shatter: when a shatter monster strike, it destroys the target's armor.
Weak Magic: Magic attacks hit armor before reducing the health
Mana cost: the Mana cost is 26

I was paired with BTE in this battle. This battler understood the rule of the game very well; that was the reason he selected armorsmith among his monsters but I was smarter enough to his tacticsclick here to watch the battle

Silvershield Paladin- it was coincidence that both me and BTE used Silvershield paladin as the leading monster. Therefore, both paladin could not nothing in the front because they possessed 1 melee attack which could not damage there Heath. This is the major reason I usually used monsters with shield ability in most of my battles. Monsters with one melee and range attack has no effect on such monsters.
It was so difficult to eliminate Silvershield paladin of opponent because armorsmith kept increasing the armor, and the rule said ' "any attack hit the armor before reducing the health."

Baby Unicorn- I need a monster that would add more health and armor in order to delay all my monsters from elimination, especially paladin because once it is destroyed the remaining monsters would be exposed to serious attack. The main reason why I included baby Unicorn was to add more health and armor.

Divine healer: monster with healer ability is very important in this battle, if not because of divine healer; paladin would have been destroyed on the third round of the battle. In every round, divine healer was adding more health to paladin which was the major reason none of my monster was eliminated from the battle. The combined Abilities of divine healer and armorsmith made it not easy to eliminate paladin of opponent monster in time.

Lone boatman- it would have taken me much time to defeat BTE, but lone boatman destroyed divine healer which contributed to early defeat. The feature monster was the monster that eliminated Silvershield paladin in the last minute of the battle.

Silvershield Assassin- this name really fits this monster. This sneaky monster started from behind and destroyed Evangelist in round 2; destroyed peacebringer in round 4 and armorsmith in round 6. I always using this monster whenever the space open because hitting monsters twice given me joy to use it.

Furious Chicken: my thought was that, there might be sneaky monster from opponent, I decided to used furious chicken from behind to delay reaching Silvershield Assassin. Unfortunately there was no sneaky monster from opponent.

The worst side of this monster is to lead the battle; except when the rule allow that. After few minutes I used lone boatman again in another battle. Fortunately, my leading monster got eliminated. Another one led the battle, it got eliminated again; then lone boatman led the battle which caused serious defeat.
One thing I learned in this battle today is that, you should not battle in one direction. My opponent was battle in one direction. He Did not use any sneaky, opportunity and snipe monster. He was fighting from the front throughout and I was fighting in the front, behind and in the middle.


He is quite useful for snipe! Best combined with the Sheriff.

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Yes, you got it right

Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

lone boatman is one of the most important card of life splinter due to his unmatched sniping. Very nice post buddy. Keep playing splinterlands and make awesome content like this one.

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