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Hello Splinterland warriors!

I hope you will be fine today i am here to share the last battle of the quest with earth splinter and the quest rewards in which i got the epic earth monster that i am going to share.


There are some magi who have quietly studied the ways of the ancient tribes of Anumün. After many years of intense training, they have learned the secrets of the ancestors through the Spirit Ways of the Palavan and Mitica people.

Well, this is an epic earth monster and my most favorite monster that i am using mostly in my battles with earth because of its great stun ability that you can get at level 3 and the divine shield ability means that the first attack on this monster will be waste and no damage will get it. However, i thought that the print of this monster is no more when the new reward cards system revealed but i was wrong so now i can easily upgrade this to max level.


Here you can see the battle line up that i am going to share and explain all the cards that i used in the battle if you want to watch the battle then click on the battle line up title to watch the battle.

In the first position i placed the great Robotic monster to stay long in the field and kill the enemy monsters with its powerful abilities of stun, and piercing and also with its powerful melee attack and awesome armors.

So in the second position i used the reach ability monster which is a rare reward card and can attack from the 2nd position on its team with reach ability. However, the ruleset was equalizer so each monster will get the same health so i used this one to also to reach from the 2nd position and attack on the first enemy monster.

Well, in the third position i used the magic monster which is also a rare fire monster that can ttack from any position on its friendly team and will hit the enemy monster life instead of armor to reduce 3 life with its powerful magic attack.

Well, i used also some range attack monster to kill the enemy with its range attack so i choose this epic fire monster from the untamed edition and can blast ability to give additional damage to the next monster.

For sniping i choose the great neutral monster from the untamed edition that i recently upgraded to level 4 so now it will attack the back line of the enemy monster with its sniping ability to give you more winning chances when they come in the first position their health will be low.

For filling the space i choose furious chicken in the last position because the ruleset was equalizer so if i used this in the first position then my other monster will can not attack on the enemy monsters so better to chose this in the last when you have equalizer ruleset.

Quest Rewards


After completing the quest with Fire splinter these are the rewards that i claimed today which includes one epic monster and one rare monster of the death family along with some common cards and little dec that you can see in the snap.

All images are from the Splinterlands website if you are new to this game then signup here to play the game click here for signup

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Nice lineup.
Congrats on getting the Epic monster from a quest.
I think you liked your rewards.

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