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Hello Splinterland warriors!

How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine i am here with another post of Splinterlands in which i am going to share the quest rewards of today in which i got an untamed pack and the summoner of the Fire family..


Pyre was discovered by the Torch on a research expedition into the heart of the Smoldering Forest. Once they deciphered his crude method of communication, they discovered that he was the last of a tribe of forest magicians, and that he possessed the full skills of a summoner, plus some tricks they had never seen. They took the boy and gave him a new life, summoning for the Torch in the Mount Mox tournaments.Splinterlands

A PYRE belongs to the Fire family that you can know from the picture with Fire in a hand but this is the most favorite card because of its speed which means that it increases the speed of all friendly monsters which will result to attack first on the enemy team because speed matters a lot in the ruleset of Splinterlands. When there are the same team and line up then you can win the game because of the speed that you can get from the cards or from the summoners.



Currently, i have 10 BCX of Pyre worth round about $5, and all these i got from the untamed packs so i am not selling it because i will upgrade it to the next possible level if it is level 4 or 5 but i will hold these cards for now the next level is near for which only 4 cards needed then i will transfer it to my alt account but there is one Yodin zaku so i think i will lease this card through peak monster will check out the procedure.



The quest i got today with the Fire splinter before it was with the life but i skip that and got it with the fire splinter that i completed easily but still did not reached to the next league because of not getting serious the rating and i fled lots of battles during the quest and before quest while checking the market prices of the hive and other altcoins etc and also reading some blogs post so that is the reason which diverts my attention and here i fled the field... By the way the rewards are good from today's quest which include one pack of untamed edition and one Epic card worth of $0.5 and the pack worth is $2 so toal rewards i got from today's quest are worth $2.5 still enough...



Here is the pack opening in which i got one Pyre a rare fire summoner worth of $0.5 along with other common cards but still the rare card is nice and worth something as compared to other rare cards like death elemental etc... it was a free pack but still when you invest $2 by buying a pack with dec from the market and get this type of rewards so still it would be better because you will get a little Return of investment in the form of getting these cards that you can sell in the market with own price.. However, the price of the hive is rising but i sold 2k hive in the start cheaply so i regret today if i hold hive it would be worth $1000 today,,, the worst ever experience in trading and this is a big loss but its ok hope things will be fine and i will make profit with my current earning Thank you all for the great support..

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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