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Hello Splinterland warriors!

How are you all i hope you will be fine and blessed today i am here with another awesome reward sharing post in which you can see lots of good cards that i claimed at the end of season. These are the claimed rewards of my two account means the 26 loot chest is from my alt and the 50 loot chest is from my main account.


Magnor is a remainder of the Titans and Giants that used to thrive in the Splinterlands, before nearly all of them destroyed themselves through war. He resembles a Human, but stands about fifteen feet tall with far greater strength and more durable flesh. Several hundred years ago


  • Taunt
  • Enrage
  • Trample
  • Return Fire

Well, let me discuss the Magnor which is a lengendary monster belongs to the fire family and a well known monster because of its high mana and many life that you can used in the high mana battles. i don't wanna go in deep to explain this card but let me tell that how i got this one when i claimed the season end rewards in my alt account i got one untamed pack so after claiming the season end rewards then i quickly opened the pack and got two legendary monster side by side worth of round about 7$.

Season End Rewards


Well, everyone knows that the season has ended and the new season begin so all of you have claimed your rewards here is mine that i am going to share with you guys. These are the rewards of my alt account in which i got one rare and one epic card that you can see in the snap above along with some dec and common cards but just focus one the better cards like rare, epic and legendaries. However, i waited long for this epic card that you can see here that i upgraded to level 3 so now i can easily use this in my upgraded summoners because this is a neutral epic monster so can be used with every splinter.


These are the remaining rewards of my alt account and here you can see one more rare card the grim reaper from the death family and lots of potion charges including one awesome untamed pack that gives me two legendary the one that i explained above and the second one is the great mimosa that you can see below in the untamed packs opening along. Well, i don't think so that i will be reached again there because of the less collection power in my alt account but will wait for the separate leader board that would be very helpful for all of us to get some awesome prizes.

Pack opening


Here is the pack opening that i got in my alt account from the rewards that you can see above so here is the opening result in which i got two legendary monsters the one is magnor that i explained and the 2nd one is Mimosa nightshade the great legendary summoner of death family.


Years ago, Mimosa was a poor shivering child, all alone in the alleys of Beluroc. She was five years old. She remembered her name, but little else. Mimosa’s parents had been vaporized before her eyes in a great battle of Witches, and she was now abandoned, an unwanted child left to fend for herself on the cold streets of a dark world.
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  • Affliction
  • Void
  • -1 Range attack

Well, don't wanna explain this in deep but this is the legendary death summoner that i got from the pack opening along with the magnor so two legendary monsters from a single pack which is really awesome i already have level 2 mimosa nightshade that i am playing in high mana battles and i am winning most of the battles with mimosa.


Pyromancers travel everywhere in pursuit of their grand goal of healing the Splinterlands. They care little for people, but feel connected to the hot pulsing magma that pumps deep underneath the planet's shell.


  • Blast
  • Knockout
  • Peircing

From the season end rewards in my main account i got two adjacent epic monster which is pyromance the great epic monster belongs to the fire family. i am using this at level 3 that reduce up to 3 life from its range attack and additional damage to the next backline enemy monsters so this is a great card with enough life and reasoable mana to give you more winning chances. However, i can not upgrade this to the next level because this level 3 is enough for me so now i will send the extra cards to my brother account.

Season End Rewards


These are the rewards from my main account and was about 50 loot chest unfortunately i did not reached to champion 2 and 1 because of the recent changes in splinterlands game where you need more collection power to reach higher leagues but now happy for the separate leaderboards where i can easily get in the top 10. so here you can see the rewards that i got today in which two epic and one rare card along with some common cards and lots of dec tokens in a small quantity.


Here are some more rewards which includes one epic monster belongs to the earth family that i already explain two few days before and also i got one useless untamed pack in which i got nothing in my main account lol but still thankful for my alt account that got something better from that account. However, most of the common cards that i got today are upgraded so i am trying to buy some gold card to reach the next higher league and increase the collection power of my main account as well as the alt one also.

The Last Pack


And here is the last pack opening that you can see in the post above that what a shitty cards i got from this pack only one rare card which is the elven mystic and i currently have one in gold foil and rest of the cards are also in gold like kobold,spy , fighter and cursed all these cards are available in the gold foil.

This is enough for today see you tomorrow will share another post and another card from the daily quest special thanks to @fedesox for the great support much love and stay blessed.

All images are from the Splinterlands website if you are new to this game then signup here to play the game click here for signup

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