in Olio di Balena2 months ago

Hello Fellows! I hope you all are having a good day there,i completed my today's quest in the splinterlands again and the quest today was to win 5 battles using a sneak splinter,so i comoleted that very easily because i used a good sneak splinter named " SAND WORM" which is having good ability to target the enemy cards. It's va;ue in the market is 10 DEC currently but it's a good card for beginners to use for the purpose of sneak ability.
Being in the Bronze 3 league currently i have been rewarded with one loot chest again and what i got inside it was card as a reward after completing my quest. the name of the card which was rewarded to me is "UNDEAD REXX" which is seems a good card of death splinter and i will use in my battles onwards.
Thank you everyone who read my posts and best regards from my side to all of you. @Solaiman

If you want to play splinterlands,be free to join through this link below and experience playing this beautiful game that will help you to boost your mind capabilities.