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RE: I found a more unique card than rare! / Ho trovato una carta più unica che rara! (ENG/ITA)

in Olio di Balena5 months ago

You guys! Again! I love this guild! All of you!

I love this post pimping up @mad-runner (who definitely deserves some extra love).

I agree, as far as guilds go, you guys are a tight group. It's awesome to see. AND! You all create excellent content. Thank you!

Keep on being awesome. 🥰@carrieallen

Voi ragazzi! Ancora! Adoro questa gilda! Tutti voi!

Adoro questo post che fa le protuberanze su @ mad-runner (che sicuramente merita un po 'più di amore).

Sono d'accordo, per quanto riguarda le gilde, voi ragazzi siete un gruppo ristretto. È fantastico da vedere. E! Tutti voi create contenuti eccellenti. Grazie!

Continua a essere fantastico.🥰@carrieallen


thank you very much for your nice words and for your support.
It is said that behind a nice person there is almost always a nice family ... in the same way behind a nice game like Splinterlands there is a beautiful group of people, professional and kind like you @carrieallen
Thanks for everything :)


Thank you!
Really, I look forward to your (and your clan's) posts. Always so positive. Thank you all for being a part of our community! 🥰@carrieallen