Halfling Alchemist is such a Cool Card on Splinterlands

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Hey Game Lovers,

This is Monday and the new beginning of another week. Although these days there is no major difference between weekdays and weekends still, weekends bring some sort of excitement and I make the most of it. I play more battles and make more videos in the weekend time and all this makes me happy and engaged. This season is ending in 3 days and the level of excitement and competition is going up.


Player profile

This is my splinterlands player profile on the game which shows that I have unlocked the Diamond league. I have played 3481 battles till now and it was 3337 in the last week post so I have played slightly fewer but now I am going to play a lot as the season is approaching end. I am pretty much close to make it 3500 marks within a few days and by the end of this season, I will make it more than 3500 battles.


I made it Diamond league yesterday but today I slipped down a bit as I got matched with slightly high-level players. I will more play more and make it diamond once however Diamond 2 seems not easy should be fine with this and next season will try to take it to the next level.


Halfling Alchemist Card

This week was full-on excitement for the brand new promotional card named as Halfling Alchemist. In my tenure of 4 months on splinterland, this is the first promo card and the response it received was amazing and impressive. This card is so good and sold out all the cards in a few days only. I purchased 5 untamed packs to get this card while some of the players have also got it through an airdrop.



This is a nice card and the best of this card is that it cost just 2 which is great. I have a level 1 card that I got through pack buy and this card can go up to level 6 with 46 cards combined. It has the ability to halving based the BTC event but from level 4 onwards it gets another ability of Redemption which is an additional benefit with this card. So out of 6 levels first 3 levels would have the single ability and remain 6 get the added ability.

Halfling Alchemists practice a delicate art that they call Aether Shen. In this process, objects (usual weapons) are broken down using alchemical magic to a smaller version of their previous selves. When used as a spell in battle, Aether Shen is incredibly destructive, but when used to enhance the power of an object, it can also do amazing things. The great central truth of Halfling Alchemy is that when halved correctly, any object (or person) can become exponentially more powerful.

Although I have level 1 card as of now as I mentioned and I have the plan to upgrade its level that I will do soon. Having such a powerful card that can be used with all the splinters and comes with the mana of just 2 is quite important and it will make the battle even more fun.


I am yet to open the packs that I purchased to get Halfling Alchemist card and I will be doing it soon. Earlier I purchased a few packs and got nice cards out of a few of the legendary so hopefully this time I might get some valuable and powerful cards.


There is a tournament also scheduled to happen on 12th May. I already mentioned that a lot is going on about BTC halving and Halfling Alchemist so its an opportunity to earn DEC tokens and also a chance to earn the card. Entry for the tournament is free all types of cards are welcome. I never played any tournament but I think that this is the right time to start and I am going to try my hand with this as well.

I share the direct link to the tournament and its open for all the players so if you want to take part then go ahead and mark your entry.



I am playing more battles every day and this is making me earn more DEC and also a better league along with fun and entertainment. I work from home and when I take a break then I play a few battles that help me to refresh my mind. I must say that this is an awesome game and if you want a next-level experience with gaming then this is the right one to try for and you will enjoy the experience. I am on it to make it Diamond III once again and by tomorrow it should be accomplished.

This time its important for all of us to stay at home and maintain social distancing to stay safe


This is my post for weekly curation challenge post made by the splinterlands team and participates if you like to do. This way we can make more people aware of the splinterlands game.

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Thank you so much.

Have a nice time and keep on Battling

Stay Safe

(Photos and GIF used in this post are taken from splinterlands)



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