Lets Talk about Splinterlands and My first Ever Champion League

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Hey Game Lovers,

Its Friday today and the weekend is almost here and even the season is ending in 3 hours. Let's talk about the game and my highest achievement on this awesome gaming platform.

After a few weeks, I am back again to share my participation for social media challenge by @splinterlands


This weekly contest is to talk about splinterkands and share in social media to bring more attention and awareness to the splinterlands platform. This game is always fun and because of my hectic work schedule I could not share my posts but last week has been so great for me and I played a lot of battles.

This is my splinterlands player profile and I am so happy to share that I unlocked Champion 2 league for the first time. I have played over 5k battles in total and my highest rating is 4231 that I have right now.


There is significant increase in my rank and it has reached 1167 rank as of now and this is certainly not an easy thing.

I have been trying since the last few months to make it but it was not happening. Last season I was in Champion 3 and this seating its champion 2 which makes so happy.


Investment and Card Addition-

As I mentioned that I was trying to enter in a higher league but it was not happening so I bought some powerful cards in my collection and as a result now I am here in CH 2. I am going to share a bit about the great cards I purchased which made my league move up.

I have purchased some cards and also upgrade some cards to the level where they get another ability and that is very helpful in the battles. I wanted to do for the last few months but because of the schedule I could not do but finally, I am happy that I did it.







Above are some of the cards that I have added in my collection but there are some more which will be added soon in my account. I have long term vision on splinterlands and I am impressed with the project's growth so my investment will continue to happen and I will keep on adding valuable cards to my splinterlands account.


My Next Level-up Plan

After these cards upgrade now the next thing for me is to work on the summoners side and here is the snapshot of my current portfolio. I will upgrade some of these summoners to quite a high level and some will be on mid-level. There will also be some possible addition to this list and any suggestion to this will be highly appreciated. I invest the amount in a phased manner and I am trying to have a couple of summoners in quite a high level if I can not do it for all. I will work on it and share the update as well in my future posts.


There is a lot to explore and learn about cards and that is also very much fun along with playing battles and earning rewards. I am excited about this season reward as for the first time I am going to get 120 Loot Chests.

The covid-19 pandemic problem is still on and even increasing here at my place. Its important for all of us to be home and stay safe. This is causing so much problem in our lives and since I work from home so my break time goes on playing battles with splinterlands and sometimes I connect my phone to my television and then its even more fun with big screen


This is my submission for weekly social media challenge post made by the splinterlands team and participates if you like to do. This way we can make more people aware of the splinterlands game.

If you are yet to become the part of this wonderful game platform built on the blockchain then I invite you to join using my link below-


Thank you so much.

Have a nice time and keep on Battling

Stay Safe

(Photos and GIF used in this post are taken from splinterlands)



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Congratulation! hopefully, you make to champion1 in the upcoming season!

Yeah buddy. Hope to make it soon. Thanks a lot

Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Nice, you did it summoners are very important for the gameplay.