My bio tomatoes advancement - First harvest !

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And no, it's not a DeFi Pool token! Ahah, these are real organic tomatoes!
I planted them at the end of July (yes too late), I finally have the first harvests I'm happy. I will soon taste some of them. For the moment I let them blush in the sun.

I have 3 varieties of tomatoes, Russian tomatoes (the long ones) the European tomatoes (the round ones) and finally the Beefsteak Tomatoe.

First harvest


Being processed

Coeur de boeuf - Beefsteak Tomatoes


Tomate Russe - Russian Tomatoes


I pruned for a better end of growth, for the last inches of tomatoes


The planting report is finished, thanks for watching. And sorry if the photos are not perfect I am new to photography.
Don't forget to take advantage of what nature has to offer us. Have a good day everyone !

Thanks you for your attention !

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