The Kingdom of Splinterlands - Weekly update

in GEMS9 months ago

1 Daily quest and overall position

Half season passed. Presently fighting in Diamond 2, which is pretty normal, but could be always better :)


Last Life splinter quest passed with really average result 5 wins / 6 losses


Not bad win against Life with Little League battle conditions. Defender of Truth is really great card in this particular case, great advantage


Well, almost clean win without even Last Stand..

2 Daily rewards

Just pathetic rewards as usual - 4ct + 70dec. Was it worth playing half hour? No idea... lets hope for better days


3 Cards leveled up

Next card which about to level up at least to Level 3 is epic untamed MITICA HEADHUNTER. Very heavy range attack. Basically already pretty cool at 1st level even. Would be not bad to have it at level 4 with piercing. Maybe one day.. :)


4 The Guild of NEOXIAN

Presently No.19 in guild. Well, really guild becomes stronger with few new members

Guild status (on last day of the season): Guild Hall - Maxed / Quest Lodge - Maxed

That's all so far and see you next time!


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