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Splinterlands weekly challenge and this week theme is SERPENTINE SPY

SERPENTINE SPY is actually one of the strongest cards in Fire splinter counting quite low 3 mana only and Opportunity ability which atarts alrteady from 1st level. Leveled up to 6 it gets 3 lifes, which is still not too much, but being placed in the middle of the team it can make really serious damage to opponents.
While obviously it is Fire monster, it is very well used with Draia dragon summoner too

For today we go to recen fight on my main account with quite interesting rules

FIGHT. Equalizer + Up Close and Personal + 36 Mana


Equalizer is pretty new rule set and still interesting to tweak it with different splinters. Obviously while playing Fire the Exploding dwarf becomes just insane at first position, counting Life being risen to a much higher level. Well the trick is still to keep a balance using own cards with not highest Life levels hoping that opponent maybe use some giving you even additional bonus

Here is final line-up packing maximum possible Melee attack

  • EXPLODING DWARF. Insane Melee attack if not killed prior to any, which happens due only normally 1 life. But not in this case for sure
  • GOBLIN MECH. High Mlee and Armor. The beast tank in many cases, especially if no Magic against
  • GIANT ROCK. Decent melee attack with Flying, Reach and Trample abilities
  • SERPENTINE SPY. High Melee attack with Opportunity ability. Very fast. Lower Life, but not in this case again
  • PARASITIC GROWTH. Decent Melee attack with Opportunity and Scavenge. Great additional abilities, but slower speed
  • CERBERUS. Decent Melee attack. Self healing and Retaliate could be well used at last line in high mana fights. Protecting back pretty well, while still able to damage attacking monsters .

Quite high mana fight, so had to use Goblin Mech at second line counting it will be not able to attack at first round (as well as Giant Rock). But had to put Exploding Dwarf first to make maximum damage to opponents monsters.
Opponent chose Fire team as well. And use Molten Orge with 12 life, which whopped up all mine monsters life too high as well. Finally even with first two misses Exploding Dwarf made his job, while Serpentine Spy and Parasitic Growth Opportunity did the rest. Finally lost two monsters only and Parasitic Growth Life counted 20 even at last round

Hope you have enjoyed!


splinterlands blockchain is best, i liked it very much
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Thanks a lot!

Bang, even on HIVE I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Sorry, no beers or deranged or trdo yet... waiting on steem-engine to make the move to HIVE...
Week 4 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Having CERBERUS at the end for sneak protection was a nice idea. I loved the battle. I thought you were gonna loose when EXPLODING DWARF missed the 1st attack.

Hah, had same feeling man. But 12 life is kind of a lot :)