Champion Status, Highest Ranking and best finish to the season

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Achieving Champion status has been a big deal for me for the longest time. I use to come agonisingly close in the past but after a few tactical tweaks and improvement in my deck, I have now made it into Champion status two seasons in a row.

This season in particular has been really rough on me. I actually started the season in Diamond 3, but after losing so many games, I ended up in Gold 1. I never expected that I'd actually get to this level but alas, here I am.

The Clinching Battle

Link to Battle

In Splinterlands, small margins make the difference and it is all about using what you have to the best of its potential. In this battle, Lord Arianthus was the chief orchestrator of damage, but plaudits have to go to Halfling Prince, Coral Wraith and Crustecian King for the role in weakening my opponent's attack and defence.

In my opinion, the big blow was in the second round when Halfing prince halved the attack Prismatic energy, effectively making it useless against Lord Arianthus.

What Next?

Well,I'll try to go higher of course. Although I highly doubt the chances of crossing over the next level, it won't deter me from giving it a shot.

Things are looking good for now and I'll give it one final push to see if I can achieve it. I got agonizingly close to Champion 2 with up 3977 earlier but lost a few battles and dropped to 3890 range. Odds are that I'll be knocked back down to Diamond 1 at the end of the season but I'm going to give it all I can nonetheless. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed and hope my luck shines through.

Check out some of my battles below:

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Thanks boss. I'm trying to get to Champion 2. Just 120 points to go. Wish me luck.

Hit champions 3 earlier today. I got close by 10 points yesterday but came across some big hitters so I waited for them to drift by.

As for champions 2, pfff...let me focus on finishing my final 3 quests.

Man I was 23 points away from Champions 2. I got hit by a few big boys. I'm around 19200s range. If shit doesn't go south, I might get into Champions2 just to say i did it

I was super hyped to make it to silver 3 this league, The game is so good!. Gratz on the second champion 2 ranking!

Thanks. Are you new? With the right tactics, you could get as high as gold3 before the end of the season

I've been playing for a month or two, I was not really a fan of the game at first cause I had crap cards and couldn't win any battles, That changed when I finally started seeing all the different rulesets and my cards started to actually work in a lot of strange rule battles.

I'm really enjoying it now. I'm reluctant to progress any more as I most certainly don't have the cards to win consistently I'd rather take the 12 rewards chest this league and have a go at pushing next league.

A great battle! Have a great season-ending! @clove71

I scraped into c2 today but want to hit my quests so not sure if I can hold it. There isn't much wiggle room but I might try to do both.
Congrats on getting so high.

Thanks. I've been hovering around 4089-4120s since. it is really hard to get beyond this level. People aren't nice around here

No. You need a win streak and a bit of luck to break that barrier I think. It's the only way to get enough points as you can lose 5 very fast.

I learnt that the hard way man. I'll just try to stay within this point for now. Hopefully I can do some upgrades later that will enable me to get to the next level