Splinterlands Card Feature: Twisted Jester

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The Twisted Jester is a Rare Death Splinter card that speaks the common fear of creepy clowns that most people have... and if you don't have a completely irrational fear of clowns then there is something quite seriously wrong with you!

It is a ranged attack card that hails from the good old days of the Alpha/Beta packs, and having a nice Twisted Jester marks your pack as one of the original supporters of @splinterlands!... or you bought it on the open market.

The Twisted Jester in my pack currently sits at Level 6, which is the highest level that my summoners can field for Rare cards. So, it is highly unlikely that I will be leveling this strange monster any further than he already has. Still, at this level he packs a pretty heft punch at 3 ranged damage straight to the squishier parts of the enemy ranks (the snipe ability). Plus, he does have the dodge ability, which makes him a viable option to sit in the rear to try and dodge attacks... or to dodge incoming sniper fire from the other side of the battle.

Most importantly, he costs only 4 mana to play, which means that he is one of the nastier and heavier hitters in the Little League battles. So, an incredibly versatile card that is pretty strong for the mana cost... and as such, he is a card that is pretty much guaranteed a spot in my Death Splinter line ups.

For this week's feature, I was battling around to see if I could get a decent Little League battle that would be able to feature the Death Splinter and thus showcase the Twisted Jester in action as one of the big hitters of the little guys. However, I could never seem to get a battle with Little League AND Death Splinter... or I would just get stomped on!

So, this week... I am featuring two battles that do show off a bit of the Twisted Jester, but not in the way that I was hoping!

Battle 1

In this featured battle, I had saw that the battle conditions were Aim True and Earthquake. The Aim True would be a double-edged sword for the Twisted Jester... not being able to miss an attack would be beneficial for targeting the squishies... but not being able to dodge would nullify one of his skills.

Anyway, the battle plan was to try and let the Earthquake sap the enemies health... and the Snipe skill would help greatly by hopefully lowering some squishies health just enough to let the Earthquake finish the job.... and the Twisted Jester should have enough health to take a couple of rounds to be taken down.

So, of course... Lord Arianthus at the front to just stop any incoming attacks (I'm really quite interested to see how this new Oppress ability is going to throw a spanner in this tactic!).... followed by the Twisted Jester and the Vampire to provide some spread out firepower (remember, I'm not trying to kill monsters... just damage them enough to let the Earthquake kill them).

... and to aid in the Earthquake destruction... the Undead Priest to give a little debuff to the enemy health. Lastly... the Furious Chicken, because I have a space and a zero mana cost.... or was it to wisely protect my rear, just in case?

This battle played out pretty much the way I expected. The enemy team fielded lower level and low health monsters which were weakened enough by my attacks to fall prey to either the Earthquake or the Thorns of the JarHead.

Battle 2

In this low mana battle, I was aiming to have the Twisted Jester as my sole attack monster and the Lord Arianthus as the shield. So, I would be aiming to destroy the enemy from the back and middle whilst the Lord Arianthus stood strong to buy time for the Twisted Jester to carve out the ranks.

The Furious Chicken was placed in the front row to absorb a hit, a bit of a gamble in case there were sneak monsters...

In the end, the gamble played off as I hadn't counter on a Blast monster in the other team. So, the Furious Chicken took the brunt of the attack which mean that the Ruler of the Seas was damaged just enough by the reflected splash damage and the Twisted Jester attack to self immolate itself in the second round.

If I had placed the Chicken in the back, the combination of splash damage and the Pirate Captain snipe ability would have killed my Twisted Jester. Sometimes, lucky gamble is all that stands between winning and losing... if the enemy had fielded a sneak team, I would have lost easily!


The Twisted Jester is a tried and tested Beta monster from the dawn of the history of @splinterlands. Despite the ever increasing influx of new monsters, new abilities and tactics... this strange clown still holds it's own, and rightfully deserves s place in every Death Splinter lineup... especially for those with small mana caps!

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