I am Participate in The Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 105

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Hello everyone,

I am starring my Today's Post with infinite mercy from ALLAH to Everyone,

Wishing all the creatures of the world to be healthy and that plague Coronavirus would go from this world.
Thinking about what I would post today, I got an art contest to draw my first picture. I started my post today by thanking everyone and also I was thinking about DRAWING FUNNY PICTURE. I think my fortune is much good because today is going to be the Week 105 art contest.


I haven't started playing Splinterlands battle games yet but I will start very soon....I went to the game site today and I think the game will be good. I look forward to playing the game when I have available the hive dollar. I haven't no dollars so I will manage the dollars and start playing games

Very soon i will be played the Splinterlands Battle gfames

This is my 4th participate in The Splinterlands Art Weekly Contest

Today participate in Week 105


Today Art Concept: Splinterlands Card

Card Name : Brownie

Real card Picture


The Brownies consist of several tribes, all living in the branches of the Elder Tree in Anumün’s East Wood. They can speak, learn and trade, but these small creatures are basically primates, similar to baboons. The tribes frequently war among themselves, using crude weapons such as sticks, rocks and projectile seeds.

Card source

let's go to see drawing Process

How to Draw Brownie

I am Showing the whole process, The drawing was made in hand with pencil and color pencil

step 01


See you next process

step 02.


See you next process

step 03.


See you next process

step 04.


See you next process

Final process


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"About Me""



My name is Fatema Akter,I am Bangladeshi and I am Proud of My Country and I am a secondary education student at Alhaj Jafor bepary High School with a focus in Arts. I grew up in a good family and I know that being a high school teacher is my calling. but I want to be a skilled drawing artist.

If you are staying with me, I will be able to overcome all obstacles.

"Wishing Everyone a Bunch Of Red Rose"


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Nice concept. Thanks for sharing.

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