Girl Adopts Dog With Strange Superpower That Saves Her Life

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Dogs are people's best friend and sometimes they even protect us from great dangers. This is the story about a service dog named Pinalicious LilyBelle who saved a little girl's life. Are you ready?


A Dog With Superpowers

It all began when 5-year-old Meghan Weingarth was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, TSC, which causes benign tumors to grow inside your organs. As a consequence, she also developed a severe nut allergy. At one point, Meghan's parents figured they could hire a service dog to provide Meghan emotional support and assist her in case of any violent seizures.


LilyBelle would always accompany Meghan to each of her medical appointments, and whenever she was hospitalized, the pooch would stand by her side 24/7. The pooch was also trained to detect peanuts and almonds in Meghan's food, and she would lift her paw every time she sniffed them. LillyBelle's new superpower definitely helped save the little girl's life!

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